Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today I go in to see the Ear people.

I hope they teach me to use my ears correctly. Maybe I’m not pointing them in the right direction. Maybe what I need is a ‘RESTORE’, to  back 25 years. That would do it.

Ahhh, twould be nice if our bodies were like that, huh. But in reality I will go in and hear the same thing. “You will always have to read lips to assist in your hearing.”

I am hoping they can adjust them so they don’t bother Sherry so much. She hears an echo of her voice from my aids amplification.

I hear they are doing wonders thru stem cell research. That would be wonderful, but I get bogged down in how they would hook up or attach the newly grown part.

Sherry got her Flu Shot yesterday, I don’t take the shot, I guess I am just stubborn. But I am a pretty healthy dude, I should be able to fight off some virus’s.

I have a VA doctor also for my primary care Dr. He and I don’t get along well, but I do like him. Most of the VA Doctors I have seen are from India. Every time he goes down a list of pills he suggest I take, and I smile and say no thanks. Then he starts a list of procedures he would like, I say no thank you. Then I accept the poop on a stick thingie to send in.

He started me on statins. Yeah, I know statins are supposed to work wonders but they scare me. I have started two different types and have stopped taking them after a rash developed.

Funny, when I told the doctor the first time, he said it is not the statin, but I will prescribe a different one. He didn’t ask to look at the rash nor do any checking, so I figure I know as much as he does, since it is me that is itching. And I don’t want a pill to stop the itching (if there is one).

  My diet is much better than most in my family. We eat a lot of veggies, I have added Garlic and Olive oil to our diets. We love chicken and have beef a couple times a month. Being cheap, speaking of beef, after checking the prices, I know why Chicken is my meat of choice! $15 was the cheapest roast I could see at Walmart. So I bought a pound of stew beef. It was $5 + a pound. I think I will settle for a steak at a good steak house, for my beef.

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If you talk to the Lord, mention the folks that got beat up by Sandy. If you don’t pray, Think some positive thoughts for them. Life is good!



We owned a Corvair once in Cuba. The sucker leaked so much oil you could follow my trail from home to work. BUT it drove great!

Yeah, I know, and I don’t like Nader.


betty said...

So enjoyed this post, Jack. I'm with you about not wanting to take a lot of medicines or get a lot of procedures. I had to laugh about the doctors being from India, nothing wrong with that, but it is amazing how many foreign doctors we have in this country (and if they learned how to speak English clearly, that would be a blessing to me, LOL :)

Good luck with your ear check up. I can imagine it would be a little disconcerting to hear that echo like Sherry hears.

Be safe out there today and don't play any tricks!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It would be wonderful to hit restore and all the worn out parts of our bodies would be new again. Not going to happen so I try to remind my self that tomorrow I might not feel as well as I do today, so I try to make the most of today. Like you I don't take any meds but unlike you I don't go to the doctor for yearly check ups either. Hope Sherry enjoys her morning walk, it's another dark rainy day here but at least that terrible wind has quit.

Cher' Shots said...

You sound so much like my guy, he's hard of hearing too and says no to a lot of medical 'suggestions'. I agree that the pills are pushed way too easily. You appear to be doing great so continue on dear man. Hugs to Sherry for being your ears - I'm Thom's!
'love & hugs from afar'

Paula said...

Yep I'm scared to take 'em and scared not to. Now that I have a low immune system due to the blood condition I have to rethink a lot of things. I've spent a lot of money on pills and then stopped taking them. I was the one who was against flu shots until John nagged me into getting one a few years ago and now I always do. He is getting his today and I already have. Now I know you wanted to know all this.

Jean said...

Jack I had a cousin that said he didn't have high cholesterol and had a normal blood pressure. He had about three strokes before he died a few years ago. Makes you wonder sometimes. I hope you find help with your hearing I know how it is to not be able to hear. My problem is I hear, but can't always understand the words. It has warmed up here today. Take care. Jean

Fred Alton said...

Have Mercy! Seeing doctors has never been a pleasure for me. Then come to think of it, I haven't needed a doc that much until last fall. Now it seems to be kinda routine. In fact I go for another check-up in the morning...after taking a couple shots the day before yesterday for "sinusitus" - of all things. I know you have hearing probs but you handle it better than anyone I know. Your positive attitude and good disposition continues to work well for you when your hearing fails. We're off tonight for a halloween party at Wil's (and we'll be celebrating Lowell's birthday) so gotta stop and go get into my costume.

Anonymous said...

After a loud explosion on Sept. 26th I have a small Tinnitus on the left ear and hear not a hundred per cent there. Got a few pills, yet, admit, that they will do much. Hope. Patience. As it is said, to get lesser by time.
Please have you all a good new month ahead.

shirl72 said...

So far I am in pretty good health,
but I am aware it can change.

I have never taken the flu shot.
I have never had the flu. I eat fruit, nuts and plenty veggies.
I raked leaves today and tell
myself that is exercise.

Chatty Crone said...

I do have to say though the doctors from India I have found are very smart.

It is totally up to you to take medicines or not - I get weird side effects too and the doctors don't always believe me but I know what I know.

I think it's good you think healthy.

And I will pray for the families of Sandy.


Rose said...

We all dislike taking Statins but it becomes necessary most times.

I have had adverse reactions to generic statins so my doctor currently has me on samples of Crestor until he can figure out what to put me on.

I have extremely sensitive skin. The last Statin I was on gave me terrible pain in the back of my legs and tingling feelings on the bottom of my feet. It lasted for three months after I stopped taking the drug.........Ugh.

It would be wonderful if they can give you an ear device ot hear and no echo to your Honey!

Hugs to my favorite couple!

~mel said...


Aren't the flea market mega phones working anymore?

... just picking on you 'cuz I do it so well:) Love ya and best of luck at the doctor.

Maybe if Sherry would bake you something chocolate you could hear better ~ just a theory.

shirl72 said...

I agree with Fred you handle your hearing problem well. I get sad when I think of your hearing loss.
I wonder why it had to happen but
one day in the by and by I guess
we will know the answer. One
day you will hear what you missed.

Louis la Vache said...

It's too bad GM knuckled to Nader. The Corvair could have been developed into an American Porsche...