Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Moving day, Central Florida, COOL

We have moved, we are in Eustis, home of our mail service  Our time in Florida is growing short.  We will have a week here, two weeks in Wauchula, and a few days in Wildwood then head for NC and an appointment to see if I qualify for the 2nd implant.

The term 2nd comes up.  Did you read the big flap of Trump not using the ‘conventional 2nd term when reading from II Corinthians? 
On a ‘religious forum’ I frequent, I learned that several religions and many countries when referring to the second book of the same name actually say it, 'One' Corinthians and 'Two' Corinthians.

I have always known it as ‘Second Corinthians’, that is how I learned it in SS as a kid.  Away from your roots, you find things different. Now I read that in Scotland the terms One and Two are used, Trumps Mama was from Scotland, reckon that makes a difference.

So, how do you say it?

Anyway that is one more thing I ‘LOVE’ (not) about our press, the headlines Blared:

Trump Commits Horrible Bible Mistake at a Christian University.

And In another case I was drawn to this headline:
Hillary Viciously Attacked Concerning Associations….

When I read the article, she was ‘ASKED’ about her relations with some banks.  That was Vicious?

I use AOL a lot, but it seems they go OVERBOARD for outlandish headlines for their news. I despise it.

Now that I have ranted let me tell you about our mail call. I received hundreds of Birthday cards……………… okay I did get 4. One from My big sister Shirl, It had a $$$bill in it. To explain she said the lady at the card desk said, “Some cards have money already in them and come like that!” Imma find that card company when I get home!(She may be fibbing) Thanks Sister.

I loved moving, we moved into site 113, at this RV Resort (RV PARK) they send a guide with you and park you. The guide pulled up to our Motor home and said loudly, “Are you One hundred thirteen?”

I replied, “I feel like it, does that count?” he looked tired but he laughed anyway.

So we are parked, level, even got cable (but don’t use it) and happy, but it is 37 degrees here in Central Florida! (Yeah I know you guys in Wisconsin & NY feel sorry for us!)

Nite Shipslog
 The Hudson above early 1950's and the Isetta also 1950's.


betty said...

They were commenting on the news last night how cold it is going to be in North Carolina this weekend for the Arizona Cardinals when they play the Panthers. I bet the Cardinals would have wished they had home court advantage for this game, seeing how Phoenix is supposed to be 70 for the weekend and the Cardinals play inside, so they can determine weatherwise whether the dome is opened or not :)

Glad you got to your now home for a few weeks safely :) I do hope you qualify for the 2nd implant. I too review to any Bible book that is a second (Kings, Chronicles, Corinthians) as 2nd; but that's how I was raised :)


Jackie said...

That IS cold for central Florida!
I hope that you qualify for your second implant, Jack.
As you and Sherry enjoy the time in Florida, I pray for safe travels for you to NC. (I'm glad you aren't having to drive there this weekend. Rough weather for the entire region projected. )
Interesting to learn that the Scottish say "Two Corinthians."
Warmest regards and hugs to you and Sherry,

Lisa said...

I refer it to books of the Bible as first, second and Third (John has 3). But I think its silly all the fuss the media puts on it. I don't think it matters what you call it as long as your reading it. ha. I cant even tell you all the names of the books in the Bible. (shame on me as a Christian).

Good luck on the two implant

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Stay in's 26*and snowing......should get somewhere between 12-24 inches by Saturday morning.....!!!

Sheila Y said...

Your double rainbow pic is prettier than mine. We didn't mean for our snow dancing to cause a freeze down there. But you probably need to get acclimated to the cold since you'll be heading back up this way soon :-) I hope you get good news on the second cochlear. I say 1st and 2nd Corinthians too.
Stay warm, Sheila

Mevely317 said...

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I had to Google Eustis to see my friends' whereabouts!

This candidate-bashing is getting to be so distasteful. I'm trying to toe the line between a a total news blackout and filtering those stations/websites that won't have me turning red and corkscrewing myself into the ceiling.

That's funny about Shirl's card. My late uncle used to send a brand-new $2 bill in all his nieces and nephew's cards ... but I never heard of a $3 bill before now! LOL.

Glenda said...

Happy to hear you're all settled in, sorry about the temps. Predictions are for 45 degrees here at 5 a.m., it FEELS cold right now, heat running [tile over slab gets chilly quick].

Shirl really is a generous sis, seems she overlooks a few jokes thrown her way, a sweetie!

As a COG girl, I grew up saying "Second" Corinthians. Interesting about the countries that say I and II. Y'all stay warm up there!!!

Unknown said...

Glad you will be coming home soon. Maybe we will have warm weather by then.
Glad you like where you are parked and not to cold. That white car looks
like an Isetta can't tell it the door opens in the front. Need to get back to see news on my facebook. Glad you got your card...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope you get some warmer weather before you have to leave the sunshine state. It will still be better than here though. And I hope the weather holds for you going back to NC. February often brings some of our worst winter weather. It will be a worthwhile trip if you can get approved for the 2nd transplant. Take care and keep warm!

Elizabeth said...

We came through Wildwood this past weekend, I wondered if y'all were there!

Rick Watson said...

I bet North Carolina gets snow this weekend. Looks like it's headed that way to me.
Have fun in Florida.