Friday, January 22, 2016

Old people should know they cannot portray a younger person

Most folk that know Sherry and I know that sweet lady followed me over much of the world, in my chase for life ;-) . Once  getting our exercise while camping, we hiked up Standing Indian Mountain in western North Carolina. She met some Appalachian Thru-hikers, smelly fellows, and SHE decided on an adventure this time, "We should hike the AT." We were in our 60’s at the time, and my first statement was, ‘Are you crazy?’
‘No’ she said sternly, ‘We can do it.’

So the seed was planted and we started researching what was needed to make the 2,170 mile walk. To the Franklin Library. A sweet young lady suggested we read the best seller, ‘A Walk in The Woods’ by Bill Bryson.  We bought the book and we loved it. It was entertaining, not much on trail knowledge, but absolutely spell binding and a page turner.

We have touted the book for years, the entire book has ‘ONE’ bad word in it. Why? I have no idea but he seemed to require the ‘F’ word once.

We did finally hike most of the trail, over 1875 miles of it. Thru hikers smile, Bryson, who only hiked about 200 miles of the trail before quitting wrote a very good book on the trail.  When the movie came out we could not wait to see it (but we did wait). Son Mark bought us the CD of the movie for my birthday.  

The spoof stars Robert Redford and Nick Nolte.  Both OLD MEN.  Have you ever read a book, then later see the movie?  Have you been happy with the screen writer? Well there are no raves here, it was okay, but these two aging actors, although very famous did not fit the roles.  The story is sprinkled with a lot of foul language (seems to be a requirement of Hollywood)
We can say it all we want to,  that age is just a number, but there are areas that AGE doesn't match the part.

If you read the book ‘A Walk in The Woods’ I would not recommend seeing the movie.  It might be okay for someone who did not read the book.

I feel sorry for the folk who won’t read a best seller but will say, “I'm waiting for the movie.”  They are missing something of beauty in words.

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 I hesitated to watch the movie because I am in the process of writing a book involving the AT, being afraid I would unconsciously transfer something into my writing. But after watching the movie, there is no problem.


betty said...

I'll have to read the book sometime. I saw the movie last month and I liked it, but I felt something was lacking in it. I think that's probably because I remembered your writings about your adventures on the AT and felt they just didn't do it justice with the story telling of it in the movie.


Sheila Y said...

I read the book and will eventually see the movie. I know the movie is rarely as good as the book. A lot of times I'll see the movie then read the book. There's just so much more in a book. I hope you are staying warm. We are in the process of seeing what winter storm 'Jonas' brings us. Take care, Sheila

Lisa said...

I learned last year that cartwheels don't work after 45. Am I off subject?

Keep hiking

Jackie said...

So proud of you and Sherry.
As one who loves the Appalachian Trail, I commend you both!!

Glenda said...

Haven't read the book but have enjoyed many a tale and photos from the adventures you and Sherry shared throughout your hikes! So, the movie will probably not be a must although just seeing Robert Redford might be fun!!!
p.s. that was thoughtful of Mark

Mevely317 said...

Funny, a dear friend and I were just 'grousing' about good-books often being spoiled by a movie script! Normally, I get an idea in my head what the protagonist(s) looks like -- then righteously upset that the casting director didn't read my thoughts. LOL.

This book sounds intriguing, indeed!

Unknown said...

I can tell you some books I have read and recommend them. The names are
"STICKY", "RAGS", "S'GAR', "FINALLY LOVE" they are all good and I know
the Author his name is Jack Darnell Haven't read Mary Ann but they say it is good. Thought I would suggest some good book I have read.

We have snow and it is snowing now with freezing rain. I am thankful for
a warm house and food.

Rick Watson said...

I read one of Bill's books several years ago entitled A brief history of the world (I think) but I was impressed. He's a good writer. Also, I much prefer reading the books. There are very few movies that measure up to the books.
Good read Jack.

Paula said...

I agree with Shirl they are all good books and "Mary Ann" is very good too.

Back Porch Writer said...

Oh we LOVED the book. We saw the movie too. The movie had a different feel to it. The book was more entertaining and funnier. The movie was still pretty good though. I think I liked them both but they just seemed like two different stories all together.

Do you have some stories to tell from your walking? Maybe you all should make the movie. ha.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Books are always better than movies to me. Our own experiences and imaginations seem to enter in as we read a book. I thought about seeing the movie because I'd like to see Robert Redford, but won't bother with it now. I agree, old people cannot portray younger people and I've seen many that try.