Saturday, January 9, 2016

Signs, I usually obey them.

I have noticed that my military training takes over and I ‘Normally’ follow directions and laws on signs. In most RV parks the speed limit is 10mph, I try to do it.  Sometimes I nearly get run over, but I stay close to the posted speed.

Many parks have a speed limit of 9 ½  mph.  It is one of those things to make you think, they know you are not going to stick to 9 ½ mph.
      Interesting signs:

When we started RV’ing the trash was picked up at your sight. Then later trash cans were placed around the parks, NOW there is a compactor for the whole park and we all must walk or drive our trash there. Some cases it is a mile.  But we need the exercise so I don’t fuss. There is always a sign, DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING OUT ON THE GROUND!
This is the funniest thing we have seen in years here in this park:

(Sign says, "Absolutely nothing Should be left on the ground, No Exceptions". 
This is a perfectly good commode someone could not bring themselves to destroy.)
 Some folk cannot THROW something useable away. Many folk leave useable items around the dumpsters.
The one above just caught my eye.

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PS: Do you have a problem throwing something useable away?


 Has El Nino got you yet?


betty said...

We did get a bit of El Nino this past week; Phoenix too. It is good that California got the rain it so desperately needs and continues to need.

I like to read signs and obey the ones that I need to obey, especially signs on the road. I do chuckle at some of the ones like you featured here, especially the one with the unattended child getting a puppy :)

I try to re-home still usable items if I can. I don't try to throw away unless absolutely not useful or broken.


Sheila Y said...

We take stuff to goodwill usually. Bigger stuff we usually call a local Christian charity to pick up. We had rain again this weekend, now it will be very cold next week. I think there is a slight chance of snow next Sunday night/Monday, but that far off it will likely change. Shirl and I need to put on our snow dancing outfit. :-) Stay warm and dry, Sheila

Mevely317 said...

Ah yes, El Nino arrived early last week ... liked what it saw and lingered. All.Stinking.Week. Snow I can handle, but rain is plumb depressing.

I love these signs ... especially the one at 9-1/2 mph! Reminds me of some of the crazy speed limit signs where Tom's sis lives in this foo-foo cloistered community on Amelia. Who decides that sort of thing, I wonder?

We try and travel lighter these days; just yesterday I took two big boxes containing 28 jackets and down vests to Goodwill. Crazy, the amount of stuff we unconsciously accumulate!

Rick Watson said...

There are some funny signs. The funniest one I ever saw at a church was: Get Right, or Get Left!
'Nuff said :)

Jean said...

A while back I took down the wire fence we had in the back yard, worried about what to do with it, and all the post. I put the wire out beside the road and someone came by and picked it up. I found a home for the gates and post and my back yard was cleaned up. Some folks trash is someone else treasure. I think it's suppose to freeze here tonight, but it will probably Warm up by noon tomorrow.
I hope you and Sherry is staying warm down your way. Take care. Jean

Paula said...

Oh heavens no I wouldn't throw away anything still useable. That would make me have a guilty feeling. When my kids changed out my garage door opener recently I told them to put the old pieces by the curb, a man will pick them up. He didn't for a few days and I was getting worried. He has picked up so many things that I can't fix but I guess he can or uses parts. There is a little Goodwill house where I leave clothes near us. Even those are hard to get rid of 'cause I just may want them sometime. Like those signs. I don't know if I could drive 9 1/2 miles an hour especially since I bought a red truck. You know red vehicles go fast.

Anonymous said...

Would not let me comment..this new computer is not doing good probably me.

Unknown said...

anonymous is me shirl

Jackie said...

I don't know where you find your graphics/signs, but they are a hoot!!!
Love them!

Jackie said...

I just tried to comment, and it didn't post. Will try again later!! (This will probably post, and that will make me grrrrr...!)

Jackie said...

Yep. When I posted this, the comment that wouldn't show up showed up.... along with this one. Sorry to monopolize your comment section.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I usually follow signs too...especially speed limit signs. Here at my house I have a very hard time getting rid of things...if there is a possibility I can still use it, I keep it. Today is one of the coldest days we've had in a long time and I woke up to a cold house, the furnace repairman is here and working on it. Hopefully it won't cost more than I have...ha !