Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ah, She saved my life

Moving day! We were beat this morning and actually did not get out of bed until about 9:30. We had breakfast and while we were having coffee GGdaughter Stella knocked on the door. She had talked Grandma Mary to bring her by to say good bye.  We had a good visit. Then we started  to get ready to travel. I was outside when Sherry came out and said the big slide will not come in.

It took a little while but the repair was only replacing a sheared bold in the drive motor. To leave I always pull up and Sherry puts the car behind the coach to get it ready to tow.

 I started the engine and tried to release the emergency brake, no dice.  So it took a few minutes to re adjust the air lever. In the mean time Sherry walks to the drivers side to ask what is the problem?

THEN SHE NOTICED The coach was not disconnected. All the shore hook ups were still attached. Water, sewer, and electric all still attached and working.  I had gotten so side tracked making repairs I actually was going to drive off and MAKE A MESS! 

YEP IF  the emergency brake lever had not malfunctioned I would have driven off. Because of my delay my girl saved my life.  I would sure have paid the price in work and DIED of humiliation with all my RV friends! 

I locked 'er down and disconnected, and we were off!

What hurts is I actually saw that happen once and thought how could that happen?  Now I know.

Thanks  My good looking wife, Sherry, you are a GEM. 
She even guided me into this site in the mountains. 
 That tree is six inches from the coach.  Below is a mountain brook at the back of the coach then straight up the mountain about 300 feet is a road.

 The view from the front you can see how close she guided  me.

This is a beautiful spot.

Under this mountain the cell signal is terrible. Those 4 pictures took 2 hours to upload. I kept getting this message:
 And this one:

Nite Shipslog

1962 Ford Catina and matching trailer.

I am also having trouble reading blogs and commenting. Bear with me!


Paula said...

Wow! Backing that close or even directing someone would freak me out. Good job Jack and Sherry.

betty said...

It looks like a pretty place you are calling "home" for a bit. You and Sherry work well together to maneuver getting the RV into such a space! Kudos to the two of you!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's a good thing Sherry has a good eye and and keeps you safe and happy too. Thankfully you got in there without any problems. I'd call that living on the edge for sure...Ha! And it's good you are handy and can make needed repairs yourself. Otherwise you'd still be waiting for someone to come and fix things. I'm sure you are happy to be on the road once more.

Mevely317 said...

Whew! I wasn't able to get a good look at your pictures on my phone; but full-screen? Shivers!

Don't go beating yourself up, OK? Someone I know and love recently went to make his cup of coffee and failed to notice he'd set his mug upside down!


Thank goodness a disaster was diverted.

Rick Watson said...

You were CLOSE to that tree. I'm afraid there would be a new window on the side of the coach if I tried to do that.