Thursday, May 25, 2017

Our water Bill

(This is the beautiful sinking spring, used by Abe Lincoln's parents when he was born. Other than the fence is is the same as when Abe was born)

Water is essential. In my life time I have known kin folk who took their water from a cool spring. I have also dropped the bucket into a well and raised a cool bucket full from a hand dug well.  

 We have had well pumps and used water from a machine dug well, both  6” and 2” holes.  Most of the time our water has been city water. I have never had a complaint about water service (except the well pumps when they acted up, they seemed to be touchy at times).

 I am smiling now thinking of my friend H. Jack Darnell from Coker Creek, Tennessee. Old Jack is also an author and types his books ‘Appalachian Tales’ on a manual Royal Typewriter. He still gets his water from a beautiful spring and has no electricity in his home. The some home he was born in over 70 years ago.

Now back to the city water. Our new home in Deltona, Florida has city water. When we are away the bill is less of course. So this month the bill was in the $30 range.  It is deducted monthly so I seldom pay attention to the bill. Today I looked.
There is a note on the back on the bill in fine CAPITOL print.
I like to think I am a logical person, if I don’t get this bill how can I read this note?
Anyway that is not the kicker. The bill was like $30 but the amount due if late is $101.00!  WHAT?  We have had water service in at least 15-20 different towns and addresses, WE always pay on time, but remember the late fees listed were as I remember, like $5, but 3 times the regular bill?  WOW

Am I behind the times?  Is that normal now?
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Paula said...

We don't have good water here although we get a letter every year proclaiming it safe to drink. Well I hope so. At time a few streets over they waste gallons and gallons of water just running it down the street. I guess trying to clear it out. It sure is aggravation to have to drive through it and get our truck dirty.

betty said...

That does sound like an excessively high late fee! I guess they want to really get you if you don't pay on time. Your water is very reasonably priced I do believe. Water here isn't bad; water when we lived in Murrieta California (Inland from Laguna Beach area) was the most we ever paid. Average use, close to $300 a month. Unbelievable (and no pool).


Rick Watson said...

That can't be right, can it? That's ridiculous.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Water bills is a sore point in my life right now. Unknown to us when I moved the flapper on the toilet at the old house did not close and the water ran about a week before we discover it. I got a 600 dollar water bill. Thankfully they are letting me pay it off in smaller payments. But I do have to pay it all. Got to check those flappers out...the water is now shut off. I guess failure to pay utilities bills is a big problem...they are even holding 500 dollars back on the sale of the house till I prove I made the final payment on the water. I never realized that was such a big problem...

shirl72 said...
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shirl72 said...

Had to delete my comments made a mistake typing and could not correct it.
It was only about bill is good just charged a flat fee.

Dar said...

We had to dig a new well when we had the 7 yr. drought and it's rained ever since? 'Well' it seems that way. I witched our well for depth and was about 6 inches off....not bad for an old crone. When I withed Mom's I was a foot off...getting old. What's high for us is our power. You'd think we owned the whole state. Geeeeeez
Have a very pleasant weekend. Happy graduation to any graduates, kindergarten, high school, college you might have. We have 3 this year, one being our grandson. Where does the time go.
love n' hugs from up north

Lisa said...

Nope! Thats rediculous. Thats not normal. Wow, just how many showers does Sherry take over there? Haha.

Yall behave


our water and sewer bills are steep too.