Tuesday, May 2, 2017


WE have two sons, both have went thru some rough patches in their lives and have caused us many headaches and heartaches.  But today they are good men. They are opposites but they love each other and get along. 

 I am enjoying my oldest son.  He has his first grandson that he can see and touch often. He lives next door. Our first grandson was brought into the family. A cute red headed boy full of life and so stinking mannerly. He came to meet us when he was about 5yrs old I think. The first night he climbed right in bed with Sherry and me and slept between us.

But later his brother was born in Walter Reed. Christened: Benjamin Aaron (Named after my dad and Sherry's). Our first natural grandson and I got to know him as a baby!  WOW, nothing like that baby-grand! I took him to work with me. Fed him, changed him and loved him.

Now watching my son and his grand, I laugh and say, “Grandpa’s are so silly!”

He smiles back and says, “You are right!”
Then the twins  double the fun! Josh and Stephen

 The Only grand daughter, Sherece (Grandma's girl)

You that have grands know exactly what I am saying.  I have enjoyed ALL of our grands. I have hung swings from the rafters of a framed house and cut toys from the scraps.

( Me teaching Matthew Dillon to shave!)

 (And the youngest, Luke, driving the motor Home, all the kids go to do that~)

We were fortunate, they have all been well mannered good kids. NEVER a fit in a store when I said, “No.”  The toy was replaced and they walked on. I loved it. I just had the grands on my mind. One girl and 6 boys I think. Sherece  has always been as big as Corey and Ben who were older.

We have some wonderful GREAT GRANDS, but they belong to their Grandpas and Grandmas, I will not usurp their position. I want the boys to enjoy their grands.

I just had ‘em on my mind!  We are hoping Ben can bring Elsie out (from Utah) for a visit this summer.

Nite Shipslog

We used to load as many as possible in this motor home and to to the  County fair in Cleveland County!

 We even took some of their friends!


betty said...

Grands are wonderful and baby grands are truly special too! I have enjoyed the time with the wee one here. Things changed up a bit (for the good ultimately) and we won't be watching him as much, but still get to see plenty of him. We have our special routines we like to do together and of course I might be prejudiced a bit, but he is really quite smart for a 14 month old :)



Spending time with the grandkids is special for sure. Sounds like you have a houseful to love.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Grandchildren are wonderful, I totally agree! Last count was 22 wonderful bundles of love. All of them are growing fast and it's been my pleasure to be able to watch them do so. We are blessed !

shirl72 said...

It is good for grandchildren to have grandparents to love and take them places. You do have good grandchildren and I enjoy being around them.

Dar said...

We have a dozen GrandLoves and each and every one is special in their own way. As I write, one of the grandsons is helping his grandpa build the floor for a new hunting shack. They are both in their glory. Ya gotta love the GrandLoves. Hugging them each time we see them is such a treat and the first thing I get when they walk through the door.
love n' hugs from our house to yours

Lisa said...

aaahhh I want a grand baby! Until then, Ill just stick to being a cool aunt.
Its nice to have good kids. My daughter was a good kid too that never pitched a tantrum or acted up in the stores. Ok there was that one time she didn't want to ride in the buggy.

From the desk

Mevely317 said...

Maybe on account I was an only child (who, in turn, had an only child), I NEVER tire of seeing pictures of your grands! I'm struck at Josh and Stephen's resemblance to their dad!

So looking forward to the day we get to settle nearer my son and his family and, ultimately, try to make up for lost time.