Thursday, May 11, 2017

Report from Thurs. Morning

This morning was the day for our program for the seniors in Gastonia. The day went well.  I wasn’t satisfied with the drawing, but it wasn’t real bad, From 50 yards it would have been very good. LOL
There was a good crowd of us older folk and they seemed to enjoy the presentation. I drew an old standard, “The house by the side Of the Road” by Sam Walter Foss and “Home” by Edgar Guest.
We had several friends (Don & Evelyn, Joann and MaryAnn) come to join us and we had a good time. Carroll and JoAnn who had invited us were there Of course.
One highlight of the morning was seeing Buck B. a fellow marine that I had not seen since 1957.  Hey that is longer than I ever expected to live. WE got to meet his wife and share some information from the missing years.

I tried to hurry and destroy the picture but some lady said, “NO! We want the picture, do not tear it up!”  So I reluctantly gave it, not that I minded, it just was not that good. I AM SLIPING! (Maybe that should be I have slipped too far to come back. :-O)
Sherry snapped a picture for memories.

 (A picture drawn in ten minutes is seldom frame-able, Chalk drawing require colored and florescent lights. It is the story that gets the attention.)

It is not the drawing too much as getting the equipment into the buildings and out again. Also we used to drive a van, but now with a Honda Fit, the equipment fill the little car. LOL  So I will not say that is the last picture, but I think it was. LOL (Sherry says she has heard that story before!)
Maybe I will just bone up on the ventriloquism, George my monkey, is easy to carry around.
True story here.
My mentor, Ray Campbell, who was a much better artist than I ever was, invited me to his house once after he was OLD. He was showing me some NEW pictures he had drawn and some he had painted. It broke my heart to see an artist who was famous locally, VERY proud of pictures an 8-10 year old could probably do. I do not want to reach that stage. I don’t think he ever performed once he reached he did, but he thought he could. His words, “The younger guys are being booked and commissioned now.”  It was not said in jealousy, just a matter of fact statement.
Had a good day. Life is great!

Nite Shipslog

 1956 Ford above and a 1958 Pontiac (?)


jack69 said...

Comment on the picture. An 8 year old could have drawn that one, BUT he could not have told the story! LOL

Lisa said...

This was marked in my calander. You dont knw how bad I wanted to come Stalk this presentation. i couldn't get get out of work long enough. Ha. I like the picture. The person who wanted it, has heard the story behind it, literally. Good job.

Beach bound

Paula said...

I think the picture is very good. We have two new young people coming to church so I plan to give each of them a copy of Toby Sunday.

betty said...

The picture is great! Don't sell yourself short!! The audience wasn't looking for "perfection" but a good story and a chance to get together; I'm sure you provided both! Glad you got to see someone from way back when and reconnect with them.

I think those who are artistic (of which I am not) tend to see the "flaws" in their work that others might now. Hubby plays on the worship band at church. He's not happy if he makes a mistake or things don't seem really good to him, but to "average me" it sounds great. That's how people probably felt about your picture. It was great for them, though you "nitpicked" it, seeing what you thought was wrong with it.

Glad it was a good day all in all.



The artist and storyteller in you both did a great job. You are too hard on yourself, honestly.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Knowing when to let go and move on isn't always easy at all, but you did a great job and had the company of great friends as well. Moving equipment around isn't easy either. Know we are not getting any younger things do change for us. Still if you keep getting invited back, I think you must be doing it right.

shirl72 said...

I heard the picture was great..You always do a good job and people enjoy seeing you draw. That is an art and very entertaining. YOU BEES GOOD

Mevely317 said...

Methinks that Betty always says it best! ... and like she made reference to her hubby's music, my Tom is super critical of himself on the horn and the boards.

From waaaay over here in the desert, I LIKE it. What's cool is that lady clamoring for the picture ... something tangible to remember a great afternoon. Man, that's success!

Dar said...

You do mighty fine work, my friend. No way could I produce that in the time you were allotted. I loved it. So there. Just today I was asked to do a graduation's something I haven't done in many years, since the arthritis pains my hands. I'll do it since it's for my nieces daughter but I know for sure it's going to take much much longer than it used to. Baking, no problem, but squeezing decorating frosting out will be the challenge. I understand completely about 'change' related to age. Dangitall!!!
Glad you reconnected with a pal from years ago. How fun for you both.
Love n' hugs from up north part of God's country. We lifted and reset a flower bed today.....I'm plum tuckered out. There's that age thing again.