Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Back on line, NICE!

Little known facts:  
…. All 50 states are listed across the top of the Lincoln Memorial
on the back of the $5 bill. 

….Almonds are a member of the peach family (They do favor a peach pit!)

….An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.  

Yeah! We have internet.

Once we pulled into a nice park in Arley, Alabama.  We liked the park but there was only sketchy cell connections. Enough to worry us because once you are spoiled to some internet you miss it.  For some reason you feel the ‘disconnect’ now, much more than when the only communications were stopping at a pay-phone and calling home once a week.  There was a time for a few weeks no one but us, knew where we were.

Now most of the family knows where we are and when we will be nearby.  I do like the communications.  Also when I am curious about something I like to look it up on the net. Now instead of looking at the mileage chart on maps, I just query the net and instantly I know the distance and the route if I so desire.

Many years ago before long trips as a member of AAA, I would order maps with the routes and nightly stops built in.  I thought, how amazing. Within a week the maps came with the roads highlighted, notated with time and distance.  Now at the click of a mouse and a few entries I can have that instantly. 

Yep I am spoiled.  YES, we need the net! So today I did some experimenting. We have an older lap top I drug it out from under the bed and fired it up. I hooked it to Verizon and Voila! I had the internet at the front window.  I made a guess that the Antenna was too close to the big tree (6”) and the tree was destroying the signal. I eliminated the antenna and hung the Verizon card out the window and it worked.

So we are back on line. I have the blogs, forums and Sherry has FB, the obits and the bank.   WE are set for our computer time.  We do cut it down some up here in the mountains. 

WE have even had two visits from friends in the area. SWEET!

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shirl72 said...

Glad you are settled and in the Mountains. When I lived in Valdese they said that was in the mountains. There was a mountain that we could drive up to the top. Hope you have good weather and enjoy your time there. Stella is a beautiful and smart child. Will be happy when you decided to stay put and live close to your Sister. We are getting there.

Mevely317 said...

YAY. While in Alabama, driving around and spotting 'for sale' signs in front yards, I discovered could just hit the microphone-thingie on my phone, speak the address and get all the particulars. Yep, modern technology amazes me every day!

Yes, I sure remember ordering Trip-Tix from AAA for our road trips.
... and the advent of prepaid phone cards? Woo-hoo!

Now, I'm off to find a $5 bill to check my eyesight. :)


What would we do without the internet? Life could get pretty boring..

betty said...

I do remember trip planning with AAA. Now so simple by just googling the address and the phone maps your route out for you. Glad you were able to reconnect with the Internet and get service again. Its amazing how we rely so much on it these days :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you got back on line. I know I would miss the internet if I didn't have it. Visits with friends are great too!

Lisa said...

I look for free WiFi or Spectrum hot spots every where I go away from home. If its not available I use my Version Data. I rarely do that because We pay for our data as we do not have the unlimited plan. We have enough gigs shared between 3 phones and an ipad though that we never go over our limit (yet). The girl on the other hand???? She will suck the data dry if we do not get on to her every now and again.
I love the internet. I remember using a tomtom for directions. Now I just ask Siri. haha.

We've come a long way.

Rick Watson said...

Arley is only about 20 miles from where we live. Are y'all still there?

Dar said...

I know I get bummed if my computer goes down....but lately, I do have plenty to keep me occupied. Bill and I have 'finally' been able to plant the pumpkin and potato field. It's been so wet. The warm spell we are being blessed with sure is moving things along. I also got most of my veggie garden in today.
Life is Grrrrrrrrreat!!!
Gotta go check out a $5. too! I need to be more observant.
Love n' hugs from up north where we are in the Yippee mode.