Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Scents and Smelling

Growing up I remember smelling mama’s cooking.  Breakfast was always a pleasant smell. We very seldom had pancakes but very often there was gravy and eggs.  Always her delicious biscuits.  There were times we had cornflakes or what she called post toasties.

Daddy shaved every day and used Mennen Skin Bracer.  I loved that smell and used it myself until I discovered Old Spice.  LOL

My mama on the other hand used an Avon ‘toilet water’ (That always amazed me, it sure didn’t sound as good as it smelled). I doubt if my mama ever had an expensive perfume.

I don’t exactly know when, but I think I bought Sherry some Chanel #5. I loved the smell.  To this day she loves it and has some stored back. I associate that smell with my girl.(She will correct me in a little while if I am wrong)

This evening as I was walking beside the road I was overwhelmed with the smell of Honey Suckles. Ahh, I love that wild clean, carefree smell. It gives the sense of running wild.  I love it.

The smell of Carnations remind me of death. They must have been the most used flower for funeral wreaths.

Growing up there were lots of traditions and habits carried on through the years. One was the rose in your lapel or penned to a dress.  Red if your mother was living a white rose meant mama was passed from this life. As a kid and until I was grown I wore a red rose. The Rose smell to me was life and I associated the smell with a RED rose.

I have been told that a person born blind or deaf has an increased sense of smell. I don’t know if that is true or not, but it would be nice to have something in the trade off.

Do you associate any smells with events or things?

Nite Shipslog

Friend Bonnie of 'Organic Discourse' sent me this colorful Bug once. It sits in front of a nursery if I am not mistaken.  Now I associate the VW Bug with flowers and yard decorations.


Mevely317 said...

What a wonderful post! For sure, you've given my mind something nice to ponder.

.... In the meantime, a strong association was my dad's aftershave, Royal Bay Rhum. I've not smelled it since 1981, but I'll bet one sniff would unleash lots of good memories.

Aren't we so fortunate to smell?

Lisa said...

I remember that fried chicken smell in the walls of grandmas house.
My dad hugs me every Sunday at church, I go home with the smell of "Obsession" cologne on my clothes. One day I will miss that smell.

G Nite

Paula said...

Someone just gave me a picture of my grandma standing in front of her Honeysuckle. Love that smell. Right out of high school several of us car pooled to our new job. When we picked up one girl her clothes always smelled strong of frying bacon.


Old spice and Tabu were my dad and mom's fragrances. i use Angel or Alien by thierry mugler. my hubby has copd and doesn't like perfume which makes me sad. chanel #5 is a good one indeed.

betty said...

Carnations are my favorite flower smell; always associated them with proms or high school dances :) Whenever I smell bacon, it reminds me of some Saturday mornings growing up when my mom would fry bacon and scramble it with eggs. Always delicious! I did hear too that if you don't have one sense, you have heightened other senses. I would believe that; almost like your brain is compensating for the one you don't have.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think memories are full of smells. I remember waking up to the smell of coffee perking. To this day I still love the smell. I got out side yesterday and the wonderful smell of spring was in the air. We've had so much rain here lately that having a day without rain was a blessing.

Jackie said...

I have a older bottle of Chanel that was husband's Mother's perfume.
She passed away years ago, and I have her bottle of Chanel tightly closed and put away. Memories....