Monday, May 8, 2017

it is all in how you say it

(We just dropped in for a visit)

Then there is Myra
( always has great answers to hard questions (Sunday Stealing). I took note of the question which dealt with someone unexpectedly ‘dropping in’.
My mind wandered to some wonderful friends who lived in the woods of Maine on their own little mountain. No electricity in a log cabin, they had built. I admired their ruggedness and ability to answer a  question honestly, without hurting your feelings. i.e.

My call, out of the blue, “Hello Judy, This is Jack.  We are in the area and would like to stop by to see you and Al, is this a bad time?”  (We wander a lot. At that time we were 1000 miles from our homebase down in North Carolina. They lived near Milbridge, ME.)

What would your answer be if you were not ready for a visit?
Ours would be, “Uh, OK, now is good, yeah of course come on over!”
Then we would rush around to try to make the place look presentable, maybe quickly call someone to cancel something.” I can never say, ”WE are not ready for company,( or something to that affect)."

Friend Judy said, “Hi Jack, I am glad you asked because this is not a good time, glad you are up this way, could you check back tomorrow. Al is not ready for company today.”

We understood completely. AL was very sick and there are definitely days that are worse than others for company.

We did check back and went over to see them.  It was our last time seeing Al. He never made it back down south to Florida for the winter.  We continue to visit Judy. That tough lady still comes to Florida in the winter, alone.

It seems to be a trait of the good folk up in the New England corner of the USA to be matter of fact, I wish my nature was inclined that direction.  

Don’t get me wrong. Sherry and I were both raised in an area where 90% of the visits to your house were spur of the moment happenings, not planned. We loved it, it was a way of life. But times have changed and folks are more programmed with so many outside activities, we try to remember that.

Thanks to Myra for the thought that primed this entry.  Lately my friends in Bloggerville have been responsible for my entries. Some have put up with our 'being in the area'.

Nite Shipslog

           Coming for a visit,  is it okay if we bring a pet???
             There is such a thing of toooo many folk dropping in!


Mevely317 said...

Aw thanks, m'friend!
First, I'm soooo GLAD to see your post! 'Was trying not to grow concerned when you 'missed' a day. (Silly, I know, but I get to fretting when a dear one slips off their norm.)

Before writing my post, I should have taken into account those folk - like Terri described and you just mentioned - who don't give a rat's *** about dust or cat hair. (Presuming I had a cat, lol.)

See, here's just another affirmation why we need to get out of the big city.


i'd go into panic mode if someone showed up unexpectly. but i sure would like the visit.

betty said...

When we lived in Oregon years ago, my SIL, her mom, and my niece and nephew showed up on our front door unexpectedly. They were taking a road trip from Southern California in my SIL's mom's RV and were in our neck of the woods. Great to see them except they visited the hottest time of the summer (116 degrees). Was a bit unprepared for company so had to do a quick trip to the store to get things for dinner, etc., but it all worked out :)


Paula said...

What about company who stays a month? I wasn't happy but when it was John's relatives, what can you say?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Like you I grew up with company casually stopping by and I never turned them away. Of course if the house was clean and shiny no one ever came so I'm sure they all think I'm a terrible housekeeper, but just joking about that one really ever cared. I still enjoy unexpected company.

shirl72 said...

Mother had people dropping in all the time. It didn't matter what day or what time or how much she had to do, she would be gracious and make them feel welcome. What a good Mother with lots of patience.

Dar said...

We also lived and still do, live in that 90% or more of ' drop-ins ' and we love it. It never bothers us to pull something together for a meal if company is here near mealtime. Most of our lives have been unplanned so it's our 'normal.' Tis true that most folks now days are so busy they wouldn't know what to do if someone just happened along. I welcome it anytime. Our door is always open.....
love from up north. The sun shines bright, stars at night, life is grand, especially with the window open at night listening to the spring peepers. Continue having a great week

Lisa said...

hahaha. When our door bell rings, I can clean my house in 5 seconds! However, most of the time we get very very quiet and hope they go away. Not that I dont like compmay, unexpected company usually happens when Im not decent enough to answer the door. You know how us women are.

Another cute post Jack!

Rick Watson said...

We don't like drop by company. We like to know so we can have the place spiffed up.