Tuesday, May 23, 2017

We miss what we have, when it is gone!

You don’t REALLY KNOW what you have, until it is gone. Maybe that is not a hard a fast rule, but in humans it holds up pretty well. 
Starting with my first friends in the 1-3 grades. We moved after the 3rd grade and arrived in a new town where I knew no one. I remember missing Sonny Turner and Hurley McAdams.  

Then there was Ace. He came into my life as I was missing my friends.  My dog and I were inseparable. There was always room in the car for Ace. I loved his head out the window (long before A/C was common in a car). He appeared to smile as the wind was in his ears and mouth. We swam, fished and hunted together. He was an outside dog until I lived in the back yard in a little box of a trailer. (So big sister Shirl could have her own room). 

Ace and I NEVER minded, because then he became an inside dog, even slept with me. One fateful day Ace died. I was probably 13. That was the worst hurt I ever had. I dug the grave and buried Ace. Night after night I prayed over that dog.  If a boy’s prayers are heard, old Ace is in Heaven. LOL

I didn’t know how nice some parts of youth was, until I lost it.
I didn’t know how important my hearing was, until I lost it.
I did not realize how nice it was to NOT look for my glasses, until my sight dimmed.

I know men and women who DID NOT appreciate their mates until they were gone. One lady said, “I sure do miss my husband.” BUT you would not have known that while he was alive.

A Friend (Whose marriage had been tumultuous) told me, “I really didn’t think I would miss the old girl, but I do.”

Ahhh yes, and the unions that were based on real LOVE, I hear them say how they miss their true love, they try to describe the emptiness, especially the first year.

Now Sherry and I are approaching our 80’s. WE KNOW, one of us will be left. WE talk about it, neither of us can imagine life without the other. We also know life goes on. We cannot KNOW what YOU who have lost the true love of your life feel, we can only imagine. BUT WE TRY to appreciate what we have.
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Paula said...

Now that is my color car and trailer. I'm sure it was so hard to lose Ace especially since he was sort of your room mate. Hope you and Sherry have lots more years together. I didn't appreciate the way Mel knew how to fix things, sure miss that.

betty said...

We are in the negotiation stage of perhaps getting a corgi. In talking about it, I told hubby the same thing applies to this potential new dog that we decided upon before we got Koda. The dog would go with us if we moved and when the decision came to have to put the dog down, we would put it down based on its health, not our desire to keep it alive longer because we couldn't part with it. I said to hubby "I can't go through another corgi loss." He looked at me and said something to the effect of "thanks a lot" but in reality, I know how hard it was to lose Koda. I don't know how hard it would be to lose a spouse (so I hope I go first). I have heard of couples going within hours or days of each other. I had a cousin who died one day and her husband died the next day. While it would be hard for their children, perhaps it was better that way???


Lisa said...

They say if a pet teaches a child anything, its how to deal with loss.
I cant imagine living without my other half either. I mean, whos gonna fix my coffee in the morning? Haha. We joke about that.
I hope I go before him so I do not have to feel the pain. yet , I dont want him to feel the pain of loosing me either.

Life goes on

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You've got to appreciate what you have while you have it. We do miss what we had when it's gone. if you appreciate those you love and tell them often, we have no regrets later on. I've been a widow now 25 years this November. Never a day goes by but I still miss my husband. But we had a great life together and I've many good memories so no regrets there. Life does go on.

Dar said...

Loosing Dad was hard enough so I cannot imagine loosing Bill. I hope God takes me home first. I think the loneliness gets unbearable. I see it in my sister as she misses her husband's loss so young. We see Mom's loneliness but also her faith keeping her strong. I pray for that same strength. Having lost a sister at 60 and then her husband 6 months later was near impossible for their 3 adult kids but they also found peace in their faith. Another of God's lessons, I'm sure. So you're so right, we don't miss what we had until we no longer have it. Even our pets become family and the loss cuts deep.
Hugs n' kisses from up north. The sun is trying hard to peek out.


My husband is going to be 78 in September, so I worry about losing him all the time or him losing me. It is difficult to even imagine. Having suffered through the loss of a pet I don't wish that on anyone.

Mevely317 said...

Probably an account I still grieve for Caraleigh, your mention of ole Ace brought tears to my eyes. If I can't believe they're just above the clouds waiting for us ... well, what's the use of believing.

Not that I'm a great philosopher (ha!) or know Chloe so well ... but this reminds me of something my g'daughter said prior to leaving for her last senior-class breakfast: "It's so stupid."
... to which I replied, "You're gonna miss this."