Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mr Rogers and Helpers

There are special people in this world. I just read an account of a chance meeting of Tony Brezni— and Mr. Rogers. Tony was having a bad day and by chance he met Mr. Rogers on an elevator. He said he didn’t want to impose but had to tell him how much he had enjoyed his program as a kid. Mr. Rogers then said, “So you were one of my neighbors!”

There are a lot of cyber myths concerning Mr. Rogers. (Pedophile, Green Beret, Sniper, Super SEAL, etc.) None of those are factual. As I understand it, he was just a nice guy but was never in the military.  Anyway Tony had recently lost his Grandpa. Grandpa had been one of his favorite people.  In this chance meeting Mr. Rogers invited him to sit and talk.  They both shared stories of their grandpas.

Now us Grandpas SMILE when the grands like us. But the point Tony wanted to express was he remembered as a kid that Mr. Rogers had said, “When there is a tragedy in this world, do not zero in on the tragedy, but look at the helpers.  Tony said, that day Mr. Rogers proved he practiced what he preached, he was a ‘helper’.

I was reminded of the many tragedies I have known (on the news and personally) when the ‘helpers’ were there. Just in the last couple days the tragedy in England, brought out hundreds of Helpers.  Not everyone was running for safety, many stopped to HELP.

There are many WONDERFUL people left in this world. Some of them comment on this blog. Folks who would take time to ‘compliment’ a worn out clerk or help someone with a flat. I have no doubt if many of you were faced with the results of a terrorist attack, YOU would be right there to help. I hope none of you ever are faced with that situation. But I know YOU WOULD BE A HELPER!
As my daddy would say, “You guys are keepers!”

I can’t help it, I still believe in humanity. I am convinced there are still more GOOD folk than evil. I seldom believe conspiracy theories. I still KNOW I have good friends. Since I have, it stands to reason that you have too. That’s just plain logic.  I would be one depressed dude if I thought this country was ‘headed to hell in a handbasket.’ (Dad again!)

We have laws, we have a constitution, and I know, we do have some problems. This country had REAL problems in 1941 and the USA rose to the challenge!
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PS: After Katrina hit the Gulf Coast Thousands of folk volunteered to help. I talked to several folk who had paid their own way to fly from Washington state to help.
1951 Hudson Commodore with matching trailer



i think most people would be helpers. and that is encouraging.

betty said...

I venture to speculate that people of faith are among the first helpers into most situations. Seems when there is a natural disaster, etc., its always faith based organizations that get mobilized and get teams there with supplies as soon as possible.


Lisa said...

I would help all I could in any bad situation. I think its only human to want to help others. Ive often thought that even in a tragic event, even the mean people in this world would help in some way. I hope we never have to be in one of those situations.

I would step in the path of danger anytime if I knew it would save a life.

Your neighbor

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's nice to be your neighbor, at least here in blog land. Thankfully we do have lots of helpers in this world. Too often we only here about the bad, but there are helpers in this life every day and we don't hear enough about them at all. Good Post ! I do love the wisdom of Mr. Rogers!

shirl72 said...

We saw that growing up with a Mother and Dad who helped everyone. Mother
didn't want anyone to go hungry. I also help when needed. But if a person will not help themselves that is where I draw the line. Like the picture of the Hudson ..remember we had a 1954 Hudson..

Dar said...

Won't you be my neighbor....Mr. Rogers was a great inspiration for kids and their parents too. I'd like to think I'd be right there to help too if put in dire situations. It's true, like 'MA' said, we hear a lot of the bad and not enough of the good. You and Sherry are prime examples of ' good.' and I'm grateful for you two.
love n' hugs...we put the roof on the hunting shack today and the windows are tacked into place and level. It is harder doing such chores in the middle of the woods but relaxing too. Have a great weekend. Graduations are happening.

Mevely317 said...

I never watched Mr. Rogers, but I love this message! (... and thanks for letting me know, he was not actually a military hero like I believed.)

One of my take-away images from last week's trip is my son at graduation ...transfixed by something on his cell phone: He'd just learned of the Manchester tragedy.
I may be a bit(!) biased, but this trip underscores my hunch that (most) people in the South care more deeply for one another.