Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother’s Day 2017

Sherry and I read until early Sunday morning. I was reading Lee Child’s “Nothing to Lose” and she was reading “The Apple Thieves,”  by Cecil Childers (a local author). It was 4 am before I finished my book, Sherry naps on and off but finished a little later, she said. We both knew we needed to be up and ready for church because for the first time in a long time our sons and a couple of Grands were going to attend church with Sherry.  Just after we were dressed, Mark came in carrying a dozen red roses, a card and some dark chocolate.

WE then made it to breakfast with most of them. Some had breakfast, one coffee and we had our regular ½ biscuit with Jelly. LOL. (I'm sure the manager, a great guy, wishes it was Mother's day every week, LOL, We don't increase friend Mary's stock much with our Sunday buy!)

Red Lobster is Sherry’s favorite Restaurant, so the boys wanted to take her there.   Shirl and I tagged along.

It was a long wait, but it gave time to chat and reminisce. The boys have a lot of memories to recall. Their best stories come from GITMO and Key West. WE had time to give them some stories of our parents they did not remember hearing.

This was today’s crew. I tried to get the Red Lobster sign but didn’t do a good job of it, plus the sun did not cooperate.

 L-R= Matt Dillon, Mark, Luke Vegas, Jack Jr. and Shirl

It is a blessing that both boys remember their grandparents, Sherry and I do not remember a whole lot about ours.  That happens when you are the younger kids in large families. We are trying to ensure the Grands remember us.

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betty said...

Looked like and sounded like a wonderful time together with family!! I'm sure your grands won't ever forget the two of you and will share you with their children and subsequent generations!



What a wonderful day for Sherry and your family.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you all had a wonderful Mothers Day. I love the pictures and like Red Lobster too!

Mevely317 said...

It looks like y'all showed Sherry a beautiful day! ... But wasn't a nap in order after that reading marathon the night before? :)

PS - Lee Child is one of my favorite authors. I'm going to look for that title.

Dar said...

So nice to see you all and that you had such a lovely day with Sherry. We spent the day at the farm with Mom having a wonderful venison stew over mashed chive potatoes for lunch. It was a lovely sunny day, spending most of it outside walking around the yard, dug up a couple small chestnut trees to transplant, checked on Mom's chickens and played cards.
Blessing your way from up north. We had quite the thunderstorm just as I finished mowing around the pumpkin patch. We're in for a week of rain.
Stay dry down there and warmed by the sun. loveya'll

shirl72 said...

We had a good time...when things are not planned it becomes a bigger day. It was so funny how things started after we attended Church. Mother and Dad would have been proud the way thing turned out. Sherry had a good day.

Paula said...

Sounds like a wonderful get-to-gether. Don't know how I missed this post. As you know I too got to go to my favorite Little Red Barn. They even have nice white chairs out front now so we sat and had a visit after eating before we all went our own ways. They have some young men placing the salads and such. Also sometime back I had heard the waitresses were not wearing the cute little outfits any longer but I think they got too many complaints so they are wearing them again. I'm telling you all this because I know you and Sherry are familiar with The Little Red Barn. Ummm my steak was sooo good.

Lisa said...

Its wonderful to see family together for Moms. I havent been to Red Lobster in forever! We took our Mom to Don Pedros off Union Road. It was nice. Im glad Sherry had a wonderful MothersDay and I hardly doubt your grands will ever forget you!

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