Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Funny (strange, odd) things.

Sherry and I walk most days 2-3 miles.  It used to be 3-5 miles but I can’t be out that long without needing a toilet (That is sometimes an age thing).  This morning on our walk I noticed a  snake in the middle of the road.  It appeared to have stopped to soak up the sun. Sherry did not want me to approach it, but I MUST look at snakes. It looked like an albino Copperhead, if there is such a thing. It did not move. I figured it was injured or would soon be killed.

In about an hour our route brought us back within a couple hundred feet of the snake so I decided to check it out. I could see it was still there.  The snake was exactly  as it had been although several tractor trailer trucks and many cars had been that way.  This time I could get close without scaring my girl.  Boy was I surprised. IT WAS A RUBBER SNAKE, the sucker looked real.

This evening I told Stella, "Some girl must have put that out to scare me."  She looked at me very serious and said, “I didn’t do it Grandpa, I don’t walk that far.”

Today was my day for cooking the main course for supper.  I do stew beef every couple weeks. Today I had ‘Diced Beef’. I always put some olive oil in the pot, dump the meat in, shake some Ms Dash, add a heaping table spoon of ground garlic and a half onion, diced.  Today I decided to add a half apple cubed very small. I browned the whole thing then added Beef broth and a Tsp of Beef bouillon.

It stays in the pressure cooker for 25-27 minutes.  I then thicken it with milk and corn starch. Sherry fixed the rice, green beans and biscuits.

I ignore biscuits unless I have molasses and butter.  I said all that to say this:

 (Luke and Janie when she was young.)
My dogs were raised on table scraps. So when Janie (English Bull), our deaf granddog is here, she eats our people food. She has a huge tongue approximately 2 ½ inches wide. She had some stew beef. She left the small pieces of apple otherwise the bowl was licked clean. I ask, how can her BIG tongue sense the small pieces of apple, in all that gravy and beef?

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 1980 Chrysler Cordoba


Anonymous said...

My 90 pound German Shepherd used to eat a plate of chopped hard boiled eggs, and leave the tiny baby aspirin still on the plate when she finished.

No wonder you two lovebirds are so healthy. Those long walks are the best exercise!

Speaking of nightly, I'm enjoying your posts immensely , since discovering your blog. 😊

Susan in Washington State

Jean said...

Your meal sounds so good. I had a laugh about what Stella had to say about the snake. I had to run over to Walmart’s this afternoon and picked up our supper at the Chinese restaurant and Jets is like your dog he waits to get the left overs. You and Sherry take care. Jean

betty said...

So funny about the fake snake! And I bet Stella looked at you really seriously when she said she doesn't walk that far! Too cute!

Your beef stew sounds delicious! Too funny too that Janie picked around the apple pieces. Koda did that sometimes when we put something in his food that he didn't like (I remember one time broccoli). Grandson, if he doesn't like something, takes it out of his mouth and hands it back to us :)



Stella did her best to reassure you. They do make things look realistic now though. Beef stew sounds good. Funny about the dog lapping it all up except the apples.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, dogs can be very choosy when it comes to food. I can remember wrapping a pill in a chunk of cheese and they would eat the cheese and spit the pill out. As fast as they seem to gulp there food down, it's surprising indeed. I wonder if that girl who put out the snake on the road might be someone you know? Those rubber snakes do look real! Sounds like some fun times with family there.

Dar said...

awww, Stella is a girl after my heart. Kids do say the cutest things or like Art Linkletter used to say, the darnest things. I'm not keen on snakes so would have refrained like Sherry, dead or alive. I guess it stems from having a live one thrown at me as a twin's idea of 'funny' was distorted back then.
have a wonderful evening. It's cold up north...supposed to drop to 31 tonight. That's a huge change from 80 just two days ago. I think there will be some cuddling coming up

Lisa said...

Ok this has me laughing....the rubber snake gotcha! I have a two mile bladder so I cant walk far wothout making a pit stop either. Your beef stew sounds delicious! Yum! Oh and I love biscuits. And corn bread. Oh my, now im in the mood for some good ol southern food.
Is that Johnny from your book cover! 🤔

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