Tuesday, May 2, 2017


(Some will remember this famous kiss!)

I am getting slower with my blog entries. One reason, my thinking is slower, the other reason is that Sherry and I play the game of dominoes friend Marion taught us (Dallas watched,LOL)

We only play 3 or 4 sets of the 16 each night. Sherry is pretty good at this stuff, She has allowed me to win a few games. LOL

It is fun for us to play the game. Both of us play games on the computer, but that is not the same as interacting with a human. I sorta prefer that. LOL

Lately Lisa (Away from the Office Chair)  and her hubby celebrated their 23rd anniversary. I really did enjoy her entry where she listed many reasons their marriage has lasted.  I associated with most of the post.

One of her pieces of advice for a good marriage was, “Kiss a lot!”

I don’t know who began kissing between lovers, I am certainly glad they did. It must have been going on a long time.  But JUST in case any youngster is reading this blog, Kissing IS very important in a marriage (and a lot of fun!). ALSO just in case some young kid wonders about age and kissing, I have a girl approaching 80 yrs of age who can still light A BIG fire with her kisses. LOL

I am sure it is a scientific fact, “You Kiss your lover more In an RV!”  Reasons:

1.       You are close and pass each other near enough to touch, there are a lot of ‘pecks’ that way.

2.       Friend Mary Ann describes her kitchen as a ‘Butt rubbing Kitchen’, there is so little room. That is a great feature of an RV Kitchen. That proximity then calls for one of Sherry’s dynamite kisses during the day!(OK maybe  more than one some days!)

Okay, if I offended you, BLAME Lisa!  Or give someone a big KISS!  You will feel better.
Nite Shipslog

PS:  Glenda who comments here at times, says when we were her pastors in Missouri, we were the kissingest couple she had ever seen. (That was in another life when I thought I was a preacher)

 Unless you  love art, do not scroll down.

This is THE KISS, Art on the rocks!  See you almost missed it!



Lisa said...

I agree with the RV closeness. You cant pass each other without touching and thats a good thing. You and Sherry are just the cutest thing. i cant believe shes almost 80! I want to know her beauty secret. Maybe its the love of a good man, maybe its Maybelline.

Applying my wrinkle cream


kissing is definitely in demand here too. us seniors still have got it.

betty said...

A kiss can sometimes be the best medicine!! No matter what age one might be!


Paula said...

I too play a lot of word games on my computer, very relaxing, and good for the brain. I like your friend's Butt Rubbing Kitchen. I had one of those when Mel and I were first married. To top it off it had maroon wallpaper with large white birds on it. It was an odd apartment to say the least but we only paid $35 a month.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The kisses I get here thesis days are from children and grandchildren and an occasion grand dog. Still and all I'm in favor of kisses and I do agree...if your married those kisses are very important! I found a candy jar in the shape of a hershey kiss one year and bought one for each of my children. That way when they have a kiss candy...maybe they'll thing of me. Ha! Maybe they'll just enjoy a piece of chocolate !

Mevely317 said...

Boy, one can never discount the power of a good old kiss ... even a hug. Love this picture of y'all!

Dar said...

A good kiss is better than any kind of therapy...it just ' works.'
Love that you two are so in love every single moment.
Hugs n' kisses from way up north. The sun was shining so nice and warming our day. We are blessed