Friday, December 20, 2019

The new to me Computer

Autos of beauty
 1954 Merc. I liked the looks of this one.

For today (posted early this is Sat entry!):

But first breaking news:  due to poor signals here, imma thinking trees, I could be off line most of the time for the next two weeks. Nothing bad has happened. I am posting early because I haven't had a useable signal most of the day. right now I see a signal so I am jumping on! LOL

I am on a newer computer. A few years ago I got a new Dell for Christmas and I was very happy. I remember reading a ‘review by a disgruntled Dell owner who said, if you haven’t been there yet and own a Dell, eventually you will find yourself in Dell Hell.’
I have been pretty satisfied with the old Dell, but lately it has acted very funny and slow. I admit I have no way of knowing how to ‘fix’ the problems, so I am switching to my backup HP. My Dell screen turned Black yesterday. I had a cursor which meant it wasn’t all the way dead methinks.
There is a lot on that Dell I want to keep. So when I find the ‘wise-one’ who can save the stuff for me Imma get ‘r done.
Every once in a while I will think of a good blog subject and I will jot it down. I will start another list.
We had good news from Son Mark who is selling the house we gave him and buying one in New Port Richey. For weeks he has been on hold awaiting closing dates, Christmas is coming and he needs to empty one into the other or into storage. He called today saying he will close Monday on Port Richey and a few days after Christmas on Deltona. So we will probably give him a hand.
Also a benefit, he says there is plenty room at the new house for us to pull in and stay when we cannot find a site.
Nite Shipslog
Big problem for me. Seems Blogger is all I have access to. Cannot get e-mails or other sites. Weird.  Working on it.... no luck......


Woody said...

Computer problems can be a bugger, I have had Dell Computers at home for years, I had a Tandy Radio Shack at work back in the Hay Day, but from Desk Tops to Lap Tops I use Dells, as Historian and Public Relations for the Local Legion Post I succeeded in getting everyone a Dell Desk Top or Lap Top, Me, Commander, Post Adjutant, Treasurer, 1st Vice Commander, Legion Auxillary and Legion Sons and Bar Steward, all have Dells, but I have heard horror stories about them also! Sounds like your son was thinking of his Dad and Mom when he bought another house so you can "Park It" ! -16 below right now at 10AM, Enjoy your day !!!!! Gary

betty said...

That is good news about your son's house! But closing around the holidays is never fun (done that before LOL). At least there is a place for you guys if there is no room at the inn any other places! Always frustrating when the computers don't work the way we want them to. We rely so much on them these days :)


Chatty Crone said...

That is great about your son's place.
I have had Dell's and I love them.
I do know what it is like to be without a computer thought!
Good luck,

Mevely317 said...

Ugh. I don't know what is worse -- car trouble or computer woes. (Being as I know nothing about either... lol.)
Great news about the timing of Mark's house sales! Not sure if I mentioned it, but when Tom and I met he was living in New Port Richey. When I was down their last July(2018) I was blown away how much that area had grown.

NanaDiana said...

I dislike computer problems! My husband had a Dell for years and years and never had a single problem with it--but one day it just stopped working. Sorry you are having problems.
Good news about your son-that is wonderful news. New Port Richie is a lovely place. How nice he will have space for you to park if need be.
Thanks for popping by my blog-glad you enjoyed my toilet paper roll wrapping method. Love to you and Sherry- xo Diana

Lisa said...

I used to have a little cheap brand “netbook” from walmart. It was less than 200.00. I could do everything on it that I could on a regular computer. IT was small and portable. I had built in Wifi too so that meant anywhere we went that had free wifi connection, I could get on the internet and read my emails, surf the web and play on facebook. I also kept all my photo stored on that thing.
Then I dropped it and busted the screen. Now I have an iPad. I love it even better....I think.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Computers can drive us crazy. I lost my mail the other day and yesterday it came back all on it's own, no help. I figure a lot of your problem has to do with your low signal. Nice your son was thinking of you when he bought the new home with room for you to stay. .Goods ro know you'll always have a place to stay. Hope you continue to take advantage of a strong signal and keep in touch when you can.

Rick Watson said...

I hope you navigate through those issues soon, Getting a new computer can be challenging.
I've owned Apple computers for the past ten years or so and I'm happy with the way they work. I have issues from time to time but usually, it's because I'm doing something goofy :)


how great is it that your son is moving. congratulations. i hope the computer problems go away. mine has been acting up too. got nothing to replace it though so i'm plodding along.

Jackie said...

I hate that “black screen of death” (as it is known in ‘computerese’).....
Congratulations on Mark’s home sale and closing.
You are always kind to give him a hand in whatever he needs you to help him with. You are a wonderful Daddy.
I send you many smiles.....