Sunday, March 7, 2021

Imagine, just imagine

The featuring Future Taxi(s)


For today:

In 1931 Chester Gould's imagination came up with Dick Tracy. One smart cop. By 1946 he dreamed up a two-way radio/telephone wrist watch for the detective. Now imagine, did Chester ever dream this would actually happen?

Once in the last year I was shopping for groceries just before the clerk started to ring up SCAN my groceries I realized I had forgotten my wallet. And stopped the clerk. I was telling my grandson Josh (who is really a brain, even smarter than me, methinks. LOL). He said, “Grandpa I did the same thing the other day, so I just paid for the groceries with my watch.” What was amazing to me, HE DID! Imagine that!

Now let me ask you, would you go to Mars?  If NASA asked for volunteers for a colony would you go?  Now it is just 300 million miles away from 206 Oak St, Small Town, USA. The flight is a short 7 months.  Not sure if your accommodations are tourist or first class. But some folks need a sedative for a flight to Greece. LOL (Myra? BTW It is a long flight!). BUT CAN YOU IMAGINE A 7 MONTH FLIGHT? Let me tell you, you ain’t eating medium rare steaks for evening meals methinks.

On the voyages of ships like the Mayflower, they carried animals (cows/goats) for fresh milk, etc.  Not sure they plan that. But I have heard they may grow some veggies, yep I did read that.  If this happens is it gonna be like a big Ark, of Bible times?

I IMAGINE they will shuttle you guys that volunteer up a few at a time to rendezvous with some ‘SPACE CRAFT’ that has already been built and it is waiting for the skipper to announce, All Aboard? All visitors and workers who do not plan to go to Mars, have 30 minutes to return to the space station, or you are going with us.” He probably will not say, remember this is a one way flight, but I can see workers scurrying to get off.

Just imagine you are heading into the unknown. You will never see Earth again. Are U ready to go?

I will be first to be rejected because I am too old.  And ONLY if my girl has departed the earth before me and I am alone. Then I may take a shot at it. I can only IMAGINE OF COURSE.

Have a good flight.


PS: Okay come on guys this is gonna be fun!!! They might take some chocolate, but you can rest assured the flight will carry Butter-pecan Ice cream.


Mevely317 said...

How well I remember sitting in the back seat of daddy's Caddy on the way to church while mother read Dick Tracy! Far out! (Or so we thought.). Space travel? Not on your life! ... or mine.

Chatty Crone said...

My grandson wants to go to Mars!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

No thanks, I'm not ready to relocate that far away. I like living where I am at. I like my feet planted safely on Earth. No out space journeys for me. I might fly as far as Texas or Florida but that's about it for me.

Woody said...

I will Pass on the Trip to Mars, also any future trips to the Moon also, I have my feet firmly planted right here in Deferiet !!! Hope it warms up for you 2 ! We also are hoping for a warm up ! Sending down Love from the North !
Gary an Anna Mae

Dar said...

I'd stay where I am. I'm a home body and will be til my dying day unless the Good Lord intends different. I enjoy adventure but the kind that involves the green of the forest and the glory of the gardens with our family close is good already
loven'hugs from up north where the eaves are dripping, the snow is melting and the sap is running into Andy's maple sap buckets. He's making the syrup this year.


I'm up for some adventure. I'd go in a heartbeat. Fun to be a trailblazer.

Lisa said...

I would like to take a trip to space in a rocket but a 7 month trip to Mars? Na Ill pass.

Na nu Na nu