Saturday, March 27, 2021

Ouch, look at those dirty tennis shoes?


 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


I know it probably wasn't good for the environment, but I loved the smell of the smoke from those old steam engines, (my opinion).

For today:

Uniforms are a good thing. In the military your daily clothes are decided by someone up the food chain, it is called: “The Uniform of the Day!” The condition matters ONLY to the inspectors, i.e. Dirty or wrinkled? You are in trouble.

When it comes to civilian life for some reason, what I (or others) wear matters to my peers. Some appoint themselves as inspectors. Men as a rule wear something comfortable. Generally boys don’t care what the other guy wears or it it matches. However the female gender seem to be OVERLY CONCERNED about what they choose to wear on a daily basis. They want it to match, as a general rule it should not be what they wore yesterday and prefer it be in style. No problem.

However it matters to the self-appointed inspectors what YOU wear.

The above is a good thought, but you cannot direct what others actually think.

I and many men, have always wondered why someone would care what others wear, it can’t effect my life, can it?

I have noticed that some men ‘miss’ spots while shaving or wear eyeglasses that are dirty. Things like that don’t bother me, I am just glad to see them if they are friends of mine.  I surely would not embarrass them and point it out.

Then a man said publically concerning the incident, “When I get old I hope my wife won’t let me out in public like that. That is so embarrassing.”

That was said after a very good friend, who was 90+ yrs old and blind approached where we were and had missed a big section on his neck when shaving. It was obvious, but it did not cause any concern for me nor him. I was just glad to see him.

If someone cannot accept a few flaws that an OLD blind man might have, they have a problem. The blind guy was lucky not to cut himself,  LOL.

Do you know what you wore to church last Sunday? WAIT……. you were in your house coat (ZOOMING!). Sorry about that.

I am not completely oblivious of the dress of others. However their dress is NOTHING compared to their friendship and camaraderie.

I can see where school uniforms grades 1-8 possibly 1-12 would hold down a lot of peer pressure for those who cannot afford ‘designer’ clothes.


PS:  The above are my opinions, I cannot and will not fault you for your opinions.....................................  BUT in my opinion the below graphics are funny!

BE SAFE!!!!!!  Nice weather here in Florida...


Chatty Crone said...

I like your jokes.
I agree - we should not judge others about anything - clothes and all - but I have to admit sometimes I fail.
I bet you don't!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have a uniform of sorts, anything comfortable is the mine. It's all old and out of style, but fits good and I love the stretchband waistline, When the babes were younger they did wore uniforms to school and I loved it It certainly saved a lot of money and helped them with decisions on what to wear. . Clothes aren't important, it's what's inside that counts!

NanaDiana said...

I never liked the idea of uniforms for kids in grade school until I saw kids getting bullied for what they were wearing-made fun of for not having a 'name brand'. My grandkids went to Christian schools when they were little and loved wearing uniforms. No need to try to outshine anyone.
That is just sad that your friend made a comment about the blind man...just plain sad.
I hope you and your sweet Sherry have a wonderful, blessed Sunday. Hugs- Diana

Mevely317 said...

I can't wait to show this one to Tom!
Hey, I blogged about tennis shoes, too; gotta spray-seal mine before I dare wear them outside. If memory services, I think I blogged about this a few years ago: My being shocked that people say the thing they first notice about someone is their shoes. (Uh-oh.)

I don't recall being made fun of about my wardrobe, but ya. I understand that's a real thing. All the better to be provided uniforms. Kids can be so cruel.

Hugs from another rainy day in Bama.

yaya said...

I don't usually care what others wear as long as it's clean! I do care what I wear and enjoy dressing up a little for occasions and church. 49 yrs. working in an operating room in ugly hospital issue scrubs is to blame!

Lisa said...

I never judge someone on what they wear but I do look at them or fashion ideas. I see so many different people each day and it makes me smile when I see someone dancing to the beat of their own drum. We all have our own style but some would rather dress like someone else just to fit in.