Thursday, March 4, 2021

Sort of a question plus travel, Kilimanjaro

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Sherry & I enjoy traveling. One of her ‘least’ favorite modes of transport is flying. She tolerates it but it must be something she really wants to do, such as: See Paris, Israel and Hawaii or to see her grandsons and family in Utah/Oregon.

We have toyed with a trip to Ireland (still on the list), it seems to call to me for some reason. LOL

Mt. Kilimanjaro has always held a spot in my mind, just the enormity of it. It is the largest free standing mountain in the world, in other words it is not part of a mountain chain. It stands over 19000 ft. high, it is a dormant volcano or volcanoes. It is in Tanzania.

What brings this up is a tour business called Zarris in Kenya. We have a crazy nephew ;-), Rickie Harris, he is a retired Navy Chief and like myself served in another branch of service also, I think they call the one he served in, the US Army. LOL He and his beautiful wife own the Zarris Tour service, operating in Kenya.

They offer overnight trips to Amboseli National Park. It is said the best views of Mt. Kilimanjaro are from that Nat’l Park. The animals are a plus of course.

I will borrow some of the following pictures from from Chief Rick:

When Rick heard I had been bit he sent the above to show the dog that I was going to send him to obedience school run but these CATS!
Mot likely we will not see these sites, but wouldn't it be grand to see these in the wild and not in a zoo?
Mt. Kilimanjaro up and down

We have never been to Kenya, but had dear friends Fred & Frances Brannen who lived there for years. Mark and I hiked in the 100 mile wilderness of the AT with Professor Gordon who teaches in Kenya. He sorta smiled when Mark gave him the Trail Name 'Gordy.'

But as for Nephew Rickie? He has/is working in many countries. While he is off contracting out his knowledge, His wife runs the business in Kenya.

Probably a good thing. ;-)

Rick and Kathy, Methinks they are playing with the gators.
Updated pic with daughter Zaria.  (yeah the chief does have some Sunday clothes.)
I figure someonje will correct my spelling for me..... ;-) 

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PS: Do you have a problem with any specific mode of travel?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like all modes of travel and am looking forward to my next trip to Florida, hopefully next winter I'll be able to go south. I missed seeing my son and his family this year.I don't think I'd like an African tour, but something a little closer to home.

Dar said...

I'll travel any way except don't like heights so don't like planes. I found out I was a wee bit claustrophobic while flying to FL. My favorite mode of travel is our UTV traveling thru our trails by the cabin. I feel so much in my peaceful mode then. I've wondered if a train ride out west would suit me...and my guy, of course. He likes flying.
loven'hugs from our northern cool is warming a bit more by the day

Mevely317 said...

To the best of my knowledge -- my intentions, anyway -- I'll never have to set foot onto another airplane. Whew! While I never had any upsetting flights, I've always been a fearful flyer. You're the second blogger to give me an idea for an upcoming post: When we flew to Greece, I was the only one to deplane feeling refreshed: I'd taken a 'micky' at JFK and slept the whole way.

Those giraffes are pretty cool, but I'd much prefer to see Ireland than Kenya. Do ships go there? LOL.

Susan Kane said...

You were born a traveling man!

Ireland, Rick. You and Sherry must head there!

Glenda said...

OMG....OMG! am u ion the page for that darlin' child rockin to "Good Golly Ms Molly" or am I lost in space???