Tuesday, June 1, 2021

on the trail

I am at a place called spring mountain shelter. I am only about 11 mi away from Hot springs. This has been a real awakening for me. I started off with my pack too heavy. I'm giving my tent away today along with some food and I will walk to another shelter tomorrow to see if I can tell any difference in the weight I've already asked Sherry to come pick me up so I am cutting this trip short and trying to figure things out. I was at the spring getting water today this is the steps back up to the shelter. I have also a shot of the spring and the trail into the shelter. I will not be setting up the tent again so I'm leaving it here for another hiker to take if they want it
above is the spring

That is the path into this shelter
this is the shelter

as you can tell I am new at this blogging from a cell phone. I admit several hikers I would be spending the night here with Ben who is an engineer on a boat in Florida He's taking off in the morning also heading back home. I'm going to hike to one more shelter with the pack as light as I can get it to make a final decision thanks for reading night shifts log.            
] Okay I am so new to this blogging stuff on a cell phone that I missed publishing this yesterday. Since then a lot of stuff has happened. Due to miscommunications I was picked up early by my dear wife and son and I'm back home. Lots went on and I left the tent and sleeping bag and self-inflating air mattress with Ben who was there in the shelter also. This was very confusing. But I have realized I was overstepping my abilities. The pack was absolutely too heavy for my age. Explain more on my next entry. Night shifts log


Mevely317 said...

Oh, what a disappointment!
All the same, I'm glad you chose to 'call it a day' before (possibly) injuring yourself.

Tomorrow's another day; and like my new favorite quote, "If Plan A doesn't work out, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet."

betty said...

Just look at it as a trial run for the next time (if you want to) you hike the trail. Lots of lessons learned, but glad you were wise to know it was time to recalculate what you needed to and keep yourself safe!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am just thankful that you are ok and managed to get home again. We learn by our mistakes and then we keep moving on. I'm glad you had this sense to call it quits while you still could.