Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dem Germs Where have they been all my life?

I just read about germs, where they hide. Your toothbrush holder is full of ‘em. Your  wash cloth, your dish rag (same as dish cloth), Your steering wheel,  hey watch out for the handle of the shopping cart! Then there is your credit card, covered with germs! Our money? Filthy! (I will e-mail you my address, you should get rid of all your money!) Mobile phones have 18 more times the germs than the  toilet handle. Don’t even think about your cabinet tops! The list goes on!

Please do not get me wrong. I do believe in being clean. I also don’t think you should tempt your health, but what I want to know is was money dirty when I used to put it in my mouth? In the 1940’s there was a company that packaged a nickel pack of redskin peanuts. Every little round box contained a coin. Most were pennies but there were nickels and dimes on rare occasions. But the coin was just dropped in with the peanuts, WHO KNOWS WHO HANDLED THOSE COINS?

I mentioned it before, hundreds of times I have drank from the same Pepsi bottle that my friends did. I’ve used my friends pencils from school with teeth marks all over them.  Did you ever chew your pencil?

Did you mama have stew beef and chicken on the same cutting board and use the same knife?

Wash day all our colored clothes went together and all the whites, handkerchiefs, snotty arms of our shirts, all of it, washed together. (I don’t mean to be nasty by that, but boys wiped their runny noses on their sleeves ‘til they were slick.).  I am sure girls were nicer.

I will be honest, I had one teacher, Mrs Grill. She was the best teacher I ever had bar none, 7th grade. Mrs. Mellissa Grill, Valdese High School.(I guess it was Jr. Hi), but I do remember her teaching health and said she always washed her handkerchiefs separate in Clorox to kill the residual germs.  I don’t remember doing it, but I remember her teaching it.

I’m just wondering why we weren’t lying all over the streets and yards dying from all the germs, or do germs follow the rule of ‘What you don’t know won’t hurt you?’  Just wondering.

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Screwed-up people settle fights through violence. Screwed-up people start wars that could kill millions. Normal people settle fights through cookies, cakes, and pies. Normal people are fat.



Bugatti, I am not sure If I have ever seen one before up close and personal.  It is certainly a classic.



I think sometimes we get carried away by nonsense. There is always some study somewhere telling you what is harmful and going to kill you, while another one disagrees completely. I have been surrounded by germs my whole life. It's a wonder I have lived this long. LOL Take care.

Anonymous said...

there is such a thing as being to clean! we never develop immunity to germs we're never exposed to!

Rose said...

I'm a bit of a germ-o-fobic.

I have Purell in my purse when I'm out. Touching a menu in a restaurant gives me the creeps...they certainly never wipe them down. LOL

I'm swiping at the gym of course. My house is clean.

We all need some germs but I try to be careful. I'm especially careful cooking in my kitchen.

Hugs, Rose

Paula said...

Your entry kinda made me giggle but I am more careful then I used to be since my immune system is low due to a blood condition. I washed a load of whites, colored, delicates, and work clothes but a neighbor noticed some of my undies hanging on the line with my cup towels and she hinted that wasn't a good thing.Oh and according to my Mama we were supposed to hide the undies behind the sheets or towels on the line. Sometime I rebelled. lol

Louis la Vache said...

What an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS Bugatti! This car has such a timeless design - it will still look good 50 years from now!

It was the inspiration for the Chrysler Atlantic some ten years or so ago. The Atlantic was designed by Tom Gale and encouraged by Bob Lutz.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Germs are everywhere for sure. Now that I've retired and am home most of the time, I think I've been healthier. One thing I try to do and always have is to wash my hands often but other than that, the normal cleaning is done around here . Hope you all are staying germ free and healthy there. Have a wonderful Thursday!