Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Coffee cups & Dish washing detergent

Do you have a favorite dish washing detergent?

Do you have a favorite Coffee cup?

Boot hill coffee cups 001

(I just noticed you can see some more cups hanging and also see the 42 F, that is outside yesterday)

We had both. We have used the Dawn or Great Value Blue a long time.  We have also settled on our favorite cups. We collected cups from every place of interest we visited until we got too many. But the ones we use all the time are from Dodge City, labeled Boot Hill. I don’t always wash these cups with our dishes. because many times we are still  drinking coffee after I finish washing dishes.

I mentioned I have this aggravating habit of washing dishes as soon after use as I can. Any way the cups sometimes get that NAVY affect, they start seasoning.Smile

Awhile back Sherry noticed I had D/W detergent on the grocery list, so while in the dollar store she picked up some Ajax Dish detergent (sub labeled: super degreaser) .

Now this study is not scientific, but if there is any coffee stains on the cup, with no effort, it is gone. I mean in the past I have actually had to use Ajax scouring powder to get the stains out. Now all I do is wash as I usually do. This is not a commercial, it is just that this is the first time I have noticed any difference in D/W stuff.

Sherry declares by Tide in the washer. Oh, by the way,  would you believe this Washer/dryer we have calls for 1 to 2 tablespoons of detergent? Now it is small, but it actually cleans the clothes with that amount.

Splendide washer 005

Splendide washer 001

This machine (Splendide from Italy) serves as a washer and a dryer. I use it some times, but my girl has to reteach me most of the time. She has allowed me to cook some and wash dishes, but the clothes are her domain. I don’t spot clean well, I think machines are supposed to do that. Confused smile

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It is not the cup that makes the coffee, but it does seem to help.



Somehow methinks the jeep is photoshopped!


I thought this was a neat 5th wheel combo. You definitely ain’t gonna hide.


Chatty Crone said...

Thanks for the tips Jack - I had no idea that different brands were so different - sounds weird doesn't it. I use All Free because of the allergies here - but I can't say I am all that impressed. Have a good one.

Lucy said...

I to have to get the dishes done as soon as I am done eating. It is almost an obsession with me. Another good thing for stained cups is a soapy Brillo pad.

shirl72 said...

I clean dishes after eating. I have a sign in the Kitchen it states "House Work Makes You Ugly"
I guess that includes dishes.
I try not to do to much work don't want to be ugly.


I LOVE that washer and dryer you all have. you shouldn't use alot of soap anyway.

Paula said...

We have lots of mugs but my favorite one has a tractor and farm scene on it. My dermotoligist told me to use nothing but Dawn for dish washing,

Jean said...

I'm a Dawn and Tide girl, and use Cascade in the dishwasher. I wash most all my cups in the dishwasher and don't have a special one. Lol. I do like Lucy I use a cleaning pad for stains mostly in the glass coffee pot. I think I will try the Ajax dish detergent sounds like it does a good job. Take care, Jean.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like dawn dish soap and I do have some favorite mugs I like to use. I have lots of others and some on the mug rack get washed just because they've sat for so long unused. I like your washer dryer combo. It would save room. Dishes in the sink don't bother me. I often wait a day just so I have enough to make it worth my while. Tonight I cooked so have 2 pots so I'll do dishes. Tomorrow I'll just warm up the leftovers. I agree with Sherry that Tide is the best for laundry. It is the best. They have one that is fragrance free too for those with allergies. Stay warm there. Hopefully it'll warm up for us both soon

Anonymous said...

I use Palmolive. My hands are dry and tend to crack in the winter, so I like to use a gentle dish detergent. I use a paste of baking soda to get stains off dishes -- works without scratching.

I use Wisk in the washer. Consumer Reports rated it a good value. I often find a coupon for it and try to buy it when it's on sale. I'm not into spot cleaning either, but I've found that peroxide is good for perspiration odors as well as being a good bleach.

b. knox

betty said...

We're "whatever is the best price" laundry detergent and dishwashing soap these days. I used to always use Tide, but now that we are budgeting, we go with what is on sale, thankfully no one of us have allergies so we can pretty much use anything.

Love your coffee cups. We too have favorite ones; we get into our "ruts" don't we?


Mevely317 said...

I'm a Palmolive gal, for sure ... tried the others but keep comin' back.
BUT(!), what made me smile was your reference to the coffee cups. I've a disconcerting habit of lining up my "souviner" mugs in order of the days of the week (a bit OCD are we?) .... and of course, smile at the memories associated with each.

Rose said...

I've used Dawn for years but I will give that other product a try.

My front loader washer also says to use less detergent. A repairman also told me the same thing. If you put your washer on a rinse cycle alone with no clothes in it, you will notice tons of suds still.

I was advised to put a half cup of bleach in a rinse cycle with no clothes in the machine at least once every three months to clean the lines from the liquid detergents used that clog the lines.

Elizabeth said...

I have favorite cups for different times of the day in the morning I want a big mug in the afternoon, my Royal Albert Old Country roses Teacup
when they are stained a put a drop of bleach in with cup full of water and they are clean instantly. I make my homemade laundry detergent and love it!

Fred Alton said...

Your post made me smile as I remembered my favorite detergent in East Africa. It is "OMO with powerfoam"! There was this vivacious African woman who used to do the TV commercials. She would wind up her spiel with, "Eets thuh baste!" (It's the best). Thanks for the memories. As for the coffee cup - I still have my old USCG mug which the Chief gave me from Adak, AK. It's my most important piece of dinnerware.