Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter was a lot of fun too!

Easter is actually the most important day of the Christian world. We believe that on this day (or a day like this) three days after being crucified, Jesus arose from the dead.
(THE TOMB, at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, Sherry has been there, I haven’t!)

The first picture and these two are from the Holy Land Experience in Orlando. The boys took sherry on her birthday.

We have some beautiful moving songs, cantatas and plays that depict this. A huge stone being rolled away and a bright light shining from within as Jesus steps forward. VERY spectacular presentations.
eggs 444
(I just read, Easter is when America goes to church)
As a kid I knew Easter, I should , being the son of a preacher. In my youth I do not remember celebrating all the happenings before the crucifixion and resurrection, JUST MAINLY the resurrection or Easter. 
BUT also as a kid I got to help or dye eggs. Boy was it fun. The most amazing thing to me was the ‘MAGIC’ pencil. I could write my name on an egg, but I could not see it.  Then mama slowly lowered it into a cup of dye and my name would appear, just like magic! What was the name of the  dye? PAAS, it was the same every year.
Imma telling you I loved boiled eggs.  It was a food packaged just right (if it peeled well).

No plastic eggs for me, the real boiled eggs. Some  folks knew how to boil eggs and not crack them. Dozens of colorful eggs. Oh yes and Easter baskets. The running to find the hidden eggs. I don’t remember ‘prize’ eggs , they were all a prize to me.  What Shirl and I didn’t eat, made some delicious ‘Deviled egg’ sandwiches.  Now is that a contradiction? Easter and Deviled eggs? Surprised smile
Most Easters the egg hunts were at the church. It was not unusual to find some eggs a week later that had been missed. When folks hid eggs when I was a kid, they HID them, they didn’t lay them out on the lawn. WE HAD TO HUNT for them.
Anyway, yeah I know too many eggs aren’t good for you, but I try to eat healthy now. In fact I might have out lived some folk who ate healthy all their lives. I think I out lived Euell Gibbons (64 yrs old)and he was a health nut, a nice guy.
Hope you are having a Great Easter.  If you are not a believer, I hope you had a great day also.
buckets full of babies
These peeps just hatched!

Thanks for coming this way..
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We all believe in something, even if it is nothing.
dodge deora 1967 Dodge concept
Dodge Deora ‘67 (A concept car)



It's nice to look back at Easter's past and reminisce. HAPPY EASTER to you and your family.

Back Porch Writer said...

Had a great Easter Sunday here- still enjoying it. Worship was good. REAL GOOD! Kate is gone to be with her "boy"! lol His grandparents are hosting an easter egg hunt for all the family. George and I are doing what we do best - bottling wine, making spaghetti, and acting like we are Italian I guess. Happy travels and glad you all are doing well. Oh I also can't imagine what it must have been like seeing Jesus walk around after being buried. How majestic and unreal that must have seemed. Seeing that tomb you are standing by makes it even more real for me. Is that the real one? Wish I felt safe to tour the Holy land some day. So much unrest there. TAke care.

Anonymous said...

one of my most memorable Easters was going to church on Good Friday and listening to ministers, from churches in our county, each give a sermon on the a different word or sentence that Jesus said while hanging on the cross. it took hours but it was profound and it made an impression on teenager me

Chatty Crone said...

I heard of this place and I have always wanted to go - was it really great?

Hope you are having a good day.


shirl72 said...

It was always fun dying eggs and
puting designs on them. I always
loved the baskets. Having the
Easter Egg hunts was also fun.
They always had one that was lucky
and if you found it you got a

Glenda said...

We always colored real eggs too, such fun. And I remember some Easter egg hunts, those were the "good old days". It's good you were there with your family making memories!

Paula said...

I should be ashamed I guess but I'm going to confess. I don't like to go to church on Easter so we didn't. We hardly ever miss any other time except maybe Christmas. On any given sunday there are ten to seventeen of us in attendence but come Easter and Christmas the church is full. It just bugs me but I'm have a few strange ideas. lol

Mevely317 said...

Happy Easter, Jack!
I'd totally forgotten about that "magic" pencil ... SMILES!

After all these years, I still feel a bit like an Easter fraud -- never went for the peeps or jelly beans ... or gosh forbid, the candy eggs. Gimme the REAL egg, or nuthin'.

Oops ... went off again, didn't I?
LOVED your family pix in Orlando!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

One of my favorite Easer memories from when I was a child was the Easter egg hunt in the meadow behind my grand parents house. The grass was pretty high there and you really had to hunt for them. They let the school children come there every year. They were all real eggs too. No one ever heard of a plastic egg then. A belated Happy Easter to you both.

Rose said...

I had a lovely Easter. Enjoyed dinner and the company of Boston friends that were vacationing in South Florida!

Love your photos in the Post.

Hugs to my favorite couple!

Lucy said...

Like this entry completely. It is like you were living my story. Cute kids.

Jackie said...

Would you recommend the Holy Land in Orlando? We live close enough that we could go, but I've never been.
I'm glad that you had a wonderful Easter. Sending you big smiles!

Louis la Vache said...

Fabulous Easter post, Jack!