Friday, March 8, 2013

No more numbers for awhile

I’ll admit I am a numbers person. I have mentioned, I am a counter. I think my mama instilled it in me on our trips to keep me and Shirl busy, we counted things, One big one was counting cows. With our boys it was counting Zits, a Zit was a Volkswagen. I have no idea how the name was derived.

Human nature is strange. Two people can be raised in the same environment and turn out to like different things. Shirl has never been great on traveling, she has, but for the most part she likes to stay home, she loves to work on her home and is (or has been) a big yard person.

TO MAINE 12 011

(An open road ahead is a beautiful site)

I on the other hand cannot seem to get enough of traveling. I am the curious sort. Maybe it is adventure, I really do not know. It is very fortunate I married a girl who also fell in love with travel although she had done very little before we married. BUT once the travel bug bit her, we were off to see the world. She even took a trip without me, halfway around the world to Israel.

I never made it to Israel. One of my ships pulled into Israel once, but I had been sent back to the states to school.

We have done some crazy things. Once we left and decided to flip a coin at every turn, heads right, tails left. That was a bust, before we had gone 30 miles we were back where we started, we got a big laugh anyway. Then we changed the tactic and hit the road and still had a great time.

Our travels have been some at our own expense, some courtesy of the Government. Our adventure at GITMO was the tops in both our minds. We were on the base which is 40 sq. Miles(mostly water) for 3 1/2 years, loved it.

Part of the joy of travel is the people you meet. The world is full of great folk. In France once, we were trying to shop in a little grocery store, and a lady volunteered to assist. What a great relief, she was so sweet. We were lost in Germany, and found folks very helpful.

Life is great, and on the road is the place for us, even a $4 a gallon diesel.  LOL

Thanks for coming this way.

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Sometimes a wandering foot, is a heart at rest.

Sometimes a wandering foot, produces stress.



I am not into the ‘Low is the way to go’.

But we could live in this RV!



Jackie said...

Happy matter which way you turn; may health, love and happiness be yours and Sherry's traveling companions.
Hugs to you both,

Paula said...

Glad you are both enjoying the traveling together.

Mevely317 said...

I do believe, in another life (lol) you and my dad were twins separated at birth! His ambition was to see the world, and darn if he nearly didn't make it. I recall calling him a modern-day gypsy.
While I can't exactly relate, I can picture my dad smiling down on you and Sherry. Happy trails! :)

Chatty Crone said...

Well I think it is a great thing you married Sherry - who loves to travel like you! sandie

betty said...

Loved that orange car, though I think it would be uncomfortable to ride in it.

Too funny with your right/left directions and ending back at the same place :)

So much wonderful things to see in this world so I can imagine for someone who likes to travel the sky is almost the limit :)



In my youth I was more adventuresome. Now not so much. You two travelers are lucky to have found each other.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree, the two of you are perfect for each other. Traveling together the way you do must be wonderful. We turn the clocks forward tonight as Daylight Savings time starts tomorrow. Hope you all have a super Saturday!