Friday, March 15, 2013

The List

There have been some songs and great stories in this world having to do with lists. One of the biggest hits in the last few years was “Schindler’s List”.

We have become a nation of lists:

1. Top ten athletes, teams, trophies, cars, hikes, bridges, models, actors, etc.

2. Top cities of: poverty, wealth, To die in, to live in, the healthiest, the smoggiest, etc.

3. Then the Bucket List. Must be things to do before you kick the bucket.

4. Christmas List, Places to See, etc.

Lists are unending!

In our motor home we have our list. Size is about 4”x 4”, it is on the kitchen counter in front of the microwave. It consists of two lists in one. On the left is Groceries needed, on the right is ‘Other things’ (Or NOT groceries).

It is the ‘Other things’ list that caused a smile this morning. As I started to add, I read:

1.Hose washers,

2. Card for Johnny

3. Envelopes.

4. ‘Mouse’.   ?????!!!!!!!Surprised smile

list 001

How the world has changed, WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD PUT ‘MOUSE’ ON A ‘TO GET LIST’?

Then I thought, didn’t women in the 30’s and 40’s use a ‘rat’ to roll their hair around?

40s hair ratHair on a rat

(This is a 1940’s hair rat)

Anyway it just struck me funny. Sherry needs a new mouse, her’s died !



Thanks for stopping by. I am glad the ‘Shipslog’ is on YOUR LIST!

Nite Shipslog


It is impossible to do NOTHING!  (Well not impossible, if you are dead.)



The 1956 Packard, the year we were married!


shirl72 said...

I have a short bucket list. I
can make a list but leave it home, take list get home and not have what was on the list.

I think the things that are name
"rat" is funny. I had rather use mouse sounds better. The mouse
does run all over the computer.

Glenda said...

If I don't make a list, I forget everything, sometimes forget to take the list, however writing it down does help me remember. And those To-do lists are awesome, it feels so good to review and see what's been checked off! Hope your day is full of good things, and you get Sherry a good 'mouse' while you're out!


Love this. Had me smiling. I use a list for everything too. Hope the new mouse fixes the problem. I have a new browser and it is giving me a fit trying to access my blog.

Chatty Crone said...

I tell you what your list is a little more expensive then Sherry's - but you are right - it is never too late.
Hugs, sandie

betty said...

I'd love to get that car; snazzy looking!! We do keep a lot of lists and I find the older I get it is a good thing I do make a grocery list; I forget half the stuff if I don't write it down :)


Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
'56 - a great year - you and Sherry got married and Packard built this beautiful "5687" - that's their internal model code for the Four Hundred two door hardtop (and the reference in «Louis'» e-mail address). Only 3,632 of those Four Hundreds were built. Very few survive...

Paula said...

I remember those rats for hair and I remember the bee hive hair-do where it was all teased up and sprayed, they didn't shampoo their hair for a week so it stayed until the next week beauty salon appointment. Would I do such a thing? Nooooo, I mean yes I would at the time to be in style.

Jackie said...

Love being able to visit you, my friend. You are definitely on my list. But...I read tonight that Google reader will not be around any more after July 1. That will put a strain on my ability to find blogs of my friends who have posted. I count on Google Reader to let me know...and now we won't have that any more. Lip poking out!!
Have a beautiful weekend.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'd be lost without my lists sometimes. It's easy to forget things and the lists do help. I hope Sherry gets her new mouse soon. It's funny to think that we'd ever appreciate having one. It rained all night here but they say we could have snow. It's still in the 30's for the most part here. Hope you all have a super Saturday.

Lucy said...

I remember my sisters used a rat on their hair. and thought it was really cool. Joe will be the first to admit he is not good at pronouncing words if they are a little different and his spelling is worse. Some of his grocery lists are so funny. He gets it all so I guess he knows what they are.

Rose said...

Love you set of Lists!

We all need a List of some sort.

Love the photos.

I love Microsoft small mouse that fits nicely in my hand opposed to the larger style ones and it is cordless.


Anonymous said...

I never knew how they got that "roll" look to their hair, so now I do. Mouse on the list. Unless a cat is drawing up the list, I'd be thinking computer ;).