Friday, March 29, 2013

This and that

(This weather makes e want to do that!)


This:  It is colder than I like it in North Carolina. My neighbor across the street, Bobby, brought his new toy over to show me. He has a little helicopter, you know, the remote control kind. I think I want one. But then I think I want a bunch of stuff, just ask my wife. Winking smile

My son is a ‘When I am through with the tool or material, just throw it in the storage building” kind of guy. I am  opposite. I like it orderly so I can find something. We share one storage building, so today I made room to walk into it. I say a few bad words, but  I finally get drill bits and tools put back in the correct drawers. I shoulda taken a picture, a before and after. Angry smile  Of course it isn’t after yet!Nerd smile  He says he can never find something after I straighten, and I can never find something until I do. hahahaha

Oh and Wayne, neighbor and fellow veteran from down the street stopped by to drop off a welcome home present, a dozen fresh brown eggs.  Smile, nice!

Heat went out in our rental house, called an old friend, George. He had it fixed in ten minutes. It was a bad capacitor. George is one good heating and Air man. I mentioned the new book, his wife MUST have one.  She is the only girl I know named Annette, like one of the original Mouseketeers.

Do you know an Annette?

I bought a new leaf blower today, it died after ten minutes, it goes back to Lowes.

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Nite Shipslog



I thought everyone wanted stuff straightened, but I was wrong. Shirl thought everyone wanted things straightened, until she voluntarily straightened Dad’s desk. She was in trouble even thought she was the ‘favorite one’.



Sometimes even the Desert Ship, needs a ride.


I love this Skylark Buick!


Paula said...

I know Annette Loy. I like things straightened too and John doesn't. Drives me crazy.

Anonymous said...

love the camel in the trailer...if there's a wreck, not so much

only Annette Funicello...such a terrible thing that she has MS

the ex was the one who used to go ballistic when I cleaned up his mess, it was verboten for me to touch anything that was his (even if it was something he'd borrowed that had been sitting out in the rain for 2 weeks)

beautiful Skylark

Anonymous said...

I just bought Toby's Tales for my time I kidsit I'll try it out on the g'kids :D

Anonymous said...

I have a cousin named Annette and a neighbor also named Annette.

Yes, I do have clutter, and yes, I know where everything is amongst the clutter.
Orderly is nice, but some orderly folks aren't content to be orderly--they have to keep arranging and rearranging the orderliness (not to mention throwing out useful items) until you really can't anticipate where something will be.
We had that issue with the church clean up. (I couldn't be there and watch load after load of good items go to the dump. Fortunately some of the items were set out at the dump, and someone else was able to get them.) In one man's eagerness to clean up, he threw away the pick-up bed cover that another man had left at the church (probably when he was hauling something from the church). Imagine the second man's surprise when he found out his truck bed cover had been thrown away!

Sounds like you had some nice visits from your neighbors. It means a lot to have nice neighbors.

b. knox

Jackie said...

My first car was a Buick Skylark; it was a 350 4-barrel. I loved it. It was a 1970, and my Daddy bought it for me when I was transferring from junior college to a 4-year college.
My next car was a Pontiac Grand Prix with a 403 4-barrel Oldsmobile engine in it. That thing would scat. Looking back, I never thought about the size of the engines in my cars. (I was just a girl with a car. :) )
I did know, however, that when I 'mashed' the accelerator wanting to pass someone, I needed to lift a bit, or I would be flying. Husband would probably like to have both of those cars back right now.
Love the organization that you have; husband is much the same way as you. That is a great trait to possess.
Hoping that your Easter weekend is beautiful.

Back Porch Writer said...

Hope we all get some warmer days ahead (without plowing into 80's). Hope you all are doing well.

Mevely317 said...

DH's sister's named Annette! (Lives not far from you, I think, on Amelia Island.)

You and your son remind me of the "Odd Couple"! ... but I shouldn't talk: DH and I are the same way. Used to make me crrrrazy, but guess I'm learning to pick my battles. (or, simply too tired - lol.)

Stay warm over there!

Woody said...

Sorry it's cold down there, it was 30 here this morning then wormed up to 45, regular heat wave, was nice to have it a little warmer!!


Sounds like you got a lot done even with the cooler temps looming over you. Glad you got the heat fixed.

Glenda said...

In 1981 I went to the Santa Anita Racetrack to watch the horses run with my husband and his sister & her spouse. They lived in the San Fernando valley, right in front of me going thru the turnstiles was Annette Funicello, we whispered as not to disturb her and I commented that she looked fantastic for her age. My sister-in-law (a bit of a wit) looked at me and said "A little red paint never hurts any old barn"...have never forgotten that one!
Sounds like you're in your element, enjoy!

shirl72 said...

My is messed up if all my things
are not in order. Can't work
until they are straighten.
Dad was not to happy we me cleaning
and straightening his desk. I
didn't do it again. Lesson learned.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's a good thing you are there to get things straightened around between your rental and the storage. I like things in order, but from the looks of my house, you'd never know it. It's a work in progress here. We are to be in the upper 40's today and maybe 50's tomorrow. It won't last long though as the forecast is for cooler weather again next week.

Anonymous said...

I tried to eat as many of the "brown" cookies as I could :D but I think a couple could be rustled up for you :D

Anonymous said...

I like everything ordered too but I have found that some of the disordered types can find what they want almost immediately, so they must have some sort of system.~Mary

Chatty Crone said...

I keep everything in order too! lol And the rest of the family is like your son! Try living with three like that. How nice you have a friend to fix your heat! I only know Annette Funicello. Have a blessed Easter tomorrow. Sandie

Louis la Vache said...

Neat '54 Skylark! Buick built 836 of them - 436 more than Packard built of the '54 Caribbean.