Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A ride across country

We were much younger then, and had a lot of fun laughing. No one mentioned the Beverly Hill Billy's until we drove around Beverly Hills looking at movie stars homes. WE were sort of a rag-tag group in the Chevy dragging the old pop-up camper .  But it is the company and the trip combined that gives the memories. Sonny was my closest friend and Sherry and her Sister Colette were enjoying themselves.
1983cr.cntry 006 
On the way to Hollywood,  we had to enjoy a scene with cowboys headed into town after a trail drive. Cowboy Museum OK City
1983cr.cntry 009
The painted desert Inn and the museum
1983cr.cntry 010
And then the BIG HOLE IN GROUND, the Grand Canyon.
1983cr.cntry 013
The Grand Canyon is probably the most impressive place I have ever been. The grand canyon is so big and deep that we could look down on a mountain in the canyon that was taller than any mountain in North Carolina. The shear size of this BIG DITCH keeps you in awe.
1983cr.cntry 015
The way I understood it, there are only two trails down into the canyon. This is one of them. No we didn’t go all the way down, that is a days hike.
1983cr.cntry 018
The two sisters.
1983cr.cntry 019 When I start looking for pictures I have a rough time finding what I want.  But being from North Carolina where there is plenty of green stuff, it takes some getting used to this rugged country, but I loved it. 
This was about 33 years ago, at times it seems like yesterday.
Thanks for hanging with me here I am still looking for the pictures of Israel.
Nite Shipslog
I have said with each trip around the USA, this is probably our last, but something draws me.
(continuing with the old vehicles)
This driver is not going to be the first one at the wreck if they have a head on collision.


betty said...

You guys looked like you were having fun! I think its always fun to travel with people you enjoy being with too, makes it feel more special. So true about the Grand Canyon, such a beautiful sight to see!


Paula said...

I think you two will be traveling into your 90's. So glad you both like the same things and it was nice to travel with other people.


Have always wanted to see the Grand Canyon. What a grand adventure the four of you had.

Mevely317 said...

I know what you mean about "33 years" seeming like yesterday. My body belies me, but lots of times it feels like I'm just starting out!

I wish everyone could see the Grand Canyon in person. When my DIL and grands were here a few years ago they said pictures can't begin to do it justice. Someday I want to be there to witness sunrise over the rim. Stuff for the bucket list!

shirl72 said...

We flew over the Grand Canyon and
what a wonderful sight. Like the
old saying "We have come a long
way Baby". But we have all sure
had fun.. I think my bucket list
has run it course..

Glenda said...

BEAUTIFUL, You, Sherry, Colette and Sonny!!! And of course, the Grand Canyon is magnificent :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's very green here too except in winter and then it's very white. It would be unusual to be where it's lacking but worth the trip to see it all for sure. What great memories you both must have of that special time traveling with your friends. Hard to believe we're to have some rain today as temps are finally above freezing here, but it's only for a day. Hopefully some of the accumulated snow will melt before the next round comes our way.