Saturday, January 24, 2015

Being Happy

I am finding that just being happy, means a lot when you are retired.  I see retirees using walkers and on little scooters, then some in beds that they will never leave.


So continuing to be happy is very important to me. Just a few minutes ago I held my girl to tell her how happy and lucky I am.  I chose well and was glad she accepted. I try to do that more than one time a day, because it is absolutely the truth.


My biggest problem in life was wanting to do too many things.  Now that I am old(er) I can see the wisdom of considering the length of life. On average we are only going to have about 50 years productive. Unfortunately many do not get that.

Not only did I want varied career ladders, I wanted to travel to special places, places I had read about. These are good goals but they go against the rules of life, you can do  several things, but you can’t spend enough time  with them to become accomplished at them all. So if you must be the best at everything, you bring on stress.


I was blessed, because it was the experience I was seeking, not to reach a pinnacle. However, I was fortunate and was fairly successful in them all.  Stress was kept to a minimum, and I was happy.  It is sorta like the old saying, the trip is half the fun of reaching the destination.maxresdefault

I try to explain to the grandkids, chose a job that you enjoy, one you want, one in which the doing makes you happy.


After finishing my last book, ‘Mary Ann’, another book found its way into my head, but it seemed to take on the same type of scenario, so I pushed it aside.  Now I am thinking to myself, “Self, if it is fun to write, what the hey, do it.”

I might just take my own advice… That isn’t like the lawyer who defends himself having a fool for a client, is it?


Past time to quit.  I feel privileged that you chose to come by the log, THANKS.

Nite Shipslog


I see a few folk who never seem to be happy.  I feel sorry for them, life isn’t going to’ all or a sudden’  remove the  ‘briars from the blackberry patch.’

PS2: We ate breakfast cooked cooked on the electric 4 in 1 grill found at the dumpster. A good cleaning and setting some points. READY.


Continuing with the odd vehicles thru time.


WE had a square one awhile back, now a neat round one. From the clothes, probably the ‘50s.


Mevely317 said...

Truth be told, much of my life has been spent grasping at 'happiness' as if it were the brass ring. Chasing one 'thrill ride' after another, yeah I did. In retrospect, I'm glad I took those rides while I was young(er) and looked better in photos. (LOL)
Now, realizing my own highway's not as long as it seemed when I last looked, I've little choice but to step off that carousel and appreciate what is, right now.

PS - Mary Ann just arrived in my mail just the other day. Yea!

JeanJournal said...

( appreciate what is right now ~ now that is the secret of HAVING A GREAT DAY )))))) JeanJournal


i live in the moment. happiness is in the small things.

betty said...

You are resourceful, Jack! Good for you for getting the grill going and using it for cooking breakfast! So true to find a job that you enjoy doing since sometimes it might be the job that takes one to their retirement years. So true too with how few productive years we have; but I think you are doing great with your old(er) years being very productive!


shirl72 said...

I try to look on the bright side.
That is a hard question to answer.
Some day are good and some are bad.
I like that song Look On the Bright
side of Life. I enjoy my volunteer
jobs that adds happiness.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Having a job you love to do makes it a joy to wake up every morning. Like you I'm so thankful to be enjoying retirement. There are many that don't get to. Every day I wake up and say THANK YOU ! If you enjoy writing, do it. I enjoy so many different things that there is never a boring moment. Hope you both have a wonderful Sunday. More snow coming our way today.

56 packard man said...

«Louis» thinks that round "car" is not only from the '50s as you think, but in Italy. :-)