Sunday, January 4, 2015

The New computer

Son Jack and Sherry found me a new computer at the Microsoft store.  It is  Dell all in one unit.  This is my first attempt at an entry from the all in one.

It has 8.1 Windows, it hasn’t been too hard to get used to. The screen is another story. I cannot point to something and say, “Hey sweetheart, look at this.” Then when she looks, it is gone. (In this new format I cannot find the smiley faces yet, I miss ‘em)

Every pop-up advertiser in the world knows I have a new computer. the standard ad:

 “You have 13 virus’s, click here.

“Slow computer? click here.

“Protect your identy from theft, click here!”

“Urgent, cookies are a threat, click here!”

The only ones that REALLY make me want to say bad words to the company, is the ones that you CANNOT see an obvious way to close it.  I think some of them have the “x” over the back ground of the same color.

I just learned something here on this new system of MS Live Writer I use, I do not see a way to put color fonts in. I always like to add color to my entry.

Anyway I think I am back.

Nite Shipslog


I understand you might not know I have been gone, but I have. (smile) AND THEN WHEN I SHUT DOWN LAST NIGHT IT SAID ‘DO NOT TURN THE COMPUTER OFF, 38 UPDATES’.




I love this ‘29 Studebaker…



New computers are always a chore to learn before you get up to speed. Good luck. Your first post with it looks fine.

betty said...

You will be a pro with this new one before long.


Mevely317 said...

Ow, I sympathize with you!
Just hearing the words, "new computer" is intimidating. Still, I've a hunch YOUR tactical know-how and innate curiosity will win out.

Ours is going on 6 y/o now, but we still get pop-ups every now and then from its Mother Ship, cautioning us that updates are being installed. BTW, if you're ever inclined to seek tech help via HP and wind up 'talking' to someone from an outfit called OmniTech, RUN (don't walk!) the other way as fast as you can! Just last month, Tom was fooled into thinking they were an authorized rep of HP ... 7 hours with them working on our PC remotely, telling us how many viruses they were discovering -- and almost $250 later we had a suspicion we'd been hoodwinked. It was a devil getting my $$$ back, but thank goodness every cent was refunded.
Didn't mean to go on so long, but wanted to give everyone I know a head's up about this company that purports to be authorized HP reps.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Congrats on getting the new computer up and running! Mine is starting to get a little old now but still is working. After having this one I'm spoiled and would never go back to using a Dell or any other brand but a Mac. It was a gift as I bought it when I got some retirement money almost 4 years ago now. I know lots that do love the others though and apparently you do as you got a new one. Hopefully you'll get all the bugs worked out real soon.I'm sitting here with chili simmering on the stove and some in the crockpot too. I've also got some bread dough rising too as it had started to dethaw in the defunct freezer. I'll put it all in a cooler outside when it's done for use another time. Thank goodness for coolers and colder weather.

Paula said...

Welcome to the club! I don't have any little x's to click on to be rid of things. I have to place my curser at the top of the screen and swish it down to the bottom to get rid of things. Sometime when I go back the darn thing is still there but most times it works but I sure did miss those little x's at first. Hope you enjoy it.

Chatty Crone said...

The numbers 8.1 scare me to death - my computer is about 10 years old and I baby it to death!

No x's? Oh no.

shirl72 said...

Blog looks good to me. Glad you are
getting more familiar with your
new computer. I think mine is
7 years old. If I have to get a
new one I will be out of business,
All this new technology has left
me behind, way behind.

Unknown said...

Way to go, Jack!

Dar said...

Everything looks good to me Jack. You're gettin' the hang of it. We got this one 2 yrs. ago and it's a Dell. I had a tech-friend come in to set me up and show me the ropes. It took a bit but I like it alright.
It's bitter cold here so enjoy your warmer weather. Anything beats what we have going on in the bitter minuses, way down minuses.
Thanks for the mention of my blog. You's a sweetheart. Only nature today is ' Mother Nature ' and I think she has PMS up north. Brrrrr
Love you and Sherry. Loving your precious love for one another always.
Hugs from here to there. Send heat!!!

Rick Watson said...

Getting used to a new computer is tough. I've had mine several years and I fear I'll have to replace it soon and I do not look forward to the day.