Thursday, January 8, 2015

I’m thinking

Sherry says that is dangerous. BUT I’M thinking about anyone who would kill over a cartoon. While in my mind, comparing that to some ignorant artist that thought a Crucifix in a bottle of urine was art.  I remember not long ago someone made a movie about Jesus being gay.  I did read a lot of negative comments from Christians wanting to protest, BUT no one came close to threatening the lives much less slaughtering people.  I hear Islam is a peaceful and beautiful religion, I am awaiting a huge surge of those peaceful religious people to rise up and publically challenge these ‘few wild eyed terrorists’.


I am afraid I will be waiting a long time. Just like awaiting our court system……They DO plan to try  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev  for the bombing in Boston April 2013.  Our system calls for a fair speedy trial.  I hope the fair at least works, and he is convicted.

So I am not going to talk about the tragic events in Paris, friend ‘Jimmy’ has done a good job of that.

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Funerals.  Years ago when I was a kid, families held wakes. Family and friends brought in food, tea and coffee. Folks stayed up all night with the deceased in the living room of the home.  I sorta liked that, all my cousins and I would play and eat. No one put us to bed we just crashed somewhere, usually about 5-6 per bed with many ‘pallets’ on the floor. The next day the funeral director would come out and escort the body to the church.

At the church the casket was ‘generally’ opened and folks filed by the casket with the family at the head of the casket to accept the condolences. I could always depend on some excitement, seeing an aunt or cousin do some screaming and crying as she kissed or touched the corpse tenderly.


Then about15 minutes before the service, the family was escorted out, the casket was closed, everyone got quiet, then precisely at service time the family filed in to sad organ music to reserved seating. (Until this day I always wonder how they figure how many benches (pews) they need to reserve. But it always seems to work out).

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Usually the order was prayer, song, speaker read scripture & pray, another song followed by a 15 minute sermon or eulogy. Then the long procession to the grave yard, lights on, folks along the way stopping to pay respects to the family. I always admired the policemen who held their hats over their hearts as the cars went by.


Funerals are more free flowing now, more family and friends saying good things, funny things about the deceased. The feeling is more upbeat. Our scripture says ‘rejoice at the passing’, maybe some are doin that.


At every funeral I am glad I am still alive. I promise to do better. To take more time with family & friends (sometimes it works).

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I really do not like attending funerals but I do plan to attend mine. I might just raise up and look around to see who had the nerve to attend.


The oddities:


This one was not designed in a wind tunnel. That is 4 sliding glass doors there.


betty said...

LOL about your last comment about rising up to see who was at your funeral, Jack. That would certainly get people talking if you did that!!! Funerals indeed have changed. I remember after the ceremony people would have some type of gathering, lunch, or at least a little type of reception; don't see that too often out here. Also, lots of people do slide shows or pictures of the deceased's life here.

Cute picture of the corgi!


Paula said...

I always thought it wasn't fair that one of my aunts had to have the deceased in her living room. Us kids didn't stay all night just a couple of adults.

shirl72 said...

OK Brother I want you to spend a
lot of time at my Funeral and cry
very loud. Gets some friends to help. We are the only two left in our family. Let's just live it up and celebrate the years we have left.

Mevely317 said...

OMG, here I was getting near melancholy when you made me LOL. Great comedic timing, m'friend!

I've not had occasion to attend many funerals, but sort of like the idea of 'celebrating' another's life vs. mourning his or her passing.


I just lost an old friend so I appreciate your comments today.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You really do have some deep thoughts there. I think I have brain freeze right now. Not many thoughts stirring. It's warm inside, but the temps outside are numbing for sure. Hope you both have a fantastic Friday and are enjoying some warmer weather there.

Rick Watson said...

Reading about the tragedy in Paris breaks my heart.
I'm not sure what the answers are.

Funerals are changing here in the south too. In the past they were much as you described, but now the trend is to have the viewing and funeral on the same day.

If I were the deceased, I'd feel like I was being cheated.

I want waling, chanting, and wringing of hands. Then afterward, I want people to gather someplace to play music, eat good food, and drink to my life :)

My wife says I should hold my breath :)