Sunday, January 25, 2015



We were at a McDonalds for coffee, on the way to check the mail a couple days ago. The young lady behind the counter radiated joy and was displayed by a beaming smile.

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You may be that person.  And I am sure you have met one. It just gives you a good feeling!

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You have been served by persons that you could tell the smile was forced. It could be a battle they are handling, or they may force a smile because it is part of the job and necessary. It may not be a natural part of their life.


I am not complaining, I love all smiles.  But it does me good when I am given that special smile by a complete stranger at an information booth or behind a cash register.


At the same McDonalds the lady behind us had a radiant smile and a hat about like mine and Sherry struck up a happy conversation. Just looking on I was made VERY HAPPY. I love it.

If you like trained dogs look this over. You will smile.

Nite Shipslog


Animals can seem to make the most stalwart smile.



An old International Harvester Woodie.

(Again thanks to the Packard man, Louis!)


betty said...

That was cool with what the one dog could do on the link you left here, Jack. I didn't watch the whole thing but just a bit, but boy, that dog was well trained! Always good to get a genuine smile indeed!! (and to give one too :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Smiles are wonderful and I'll take them no matter what kind they are. Glad you got a few good ones ! Seems smiles are rare these days. We definitely could all use more of them!


A smile can make all the difference.

Mevely317 said...

Yes sir-ee! :))))

That dog's moves are pretty amazing. I wonder how many of the Eagles' fans were thinking, the dog would make a better wide receiver than their wide receiver! :)

Paula said...

Isn't there a song that has the lyrics--let a smile be your umbrella la la la la, I don't know the rest.