Sunday, January 18, 2015

Things I do not have

I have heard about the ‘crazy Aunt’ in the basement. I did have some ‘fun’ and wonderful aunts but never the crazy one.


I’m sure Sherry got tired of me always saying, I want one of those yellow things. Referring to the Big Cats, the bull dozer, loader and back hoe.


I see on the internet where some lady brings a painting into some appraiser and he says, “Whoa, you have a winner here. This has been lost for years, Van Gogh painted this. it is worth Millions.”  I only have paintings I have done, so I will not find nor will my sons find valuable art in our storage. I do not have any ‘possibly’ valuable paintings.


(The above painting is worth millions, and I like it, but I do not know why? I have seen paintings done in 30 minutes I liked better)

Just recently I talked to my ‘OLD’ friend Dallas. He has a nice workshop. A place Marion banishes him to when he is in her way. He loves it, gets to tinker and play like a big boy. I miss it, I do not have a ‘boy’s play room anymore.’ (and I miss it)

Remember the Crazy Aunt I don’t have?  The other thing often said ‘down south’ was the ‘RICH UNCLE’, I don’t have one of those either (Although I thought Uncle Irvin, Hisure, Fred,  Roy, and Hershal were).


I don’t have a real dog, and haven’t for years. I miss one sometimes, but mostly I get my dog ‘fix’ with grand dawgs when they are around.


Everyone can tell of what they do not have, and there are times we dwell on those things. But in fact, most of us can start listing what we DO HAVE, and continue until we run out of paper or space.

At the time I am writing this several RV’s have been stuck in the soft earth.  We have had a deluge, looking out it looks like we are in a lake, but inside it’s dry.  We have water and power and INTERNET.

So I may not have that yellow thing, or a rich uncle, but I have much, much more, I have my health and WE have a loving family.


Life can be good without the Rich Uncle.

Nite Shipslog


I have nieces and nephews who think they have  a rich uncle.AAA



This is a rail maintenance vehicle. It is propelled by pulling and pushing those handle bars. That bar is reaching to the other rail on the railroad track. (I am trying to determine if that lady is working in high heels?)



Chatty Crone said...

You are rich with the love of your life - your family - friends - and good health - I think you are rich!!!!!!!

Mevely317 said...

I have to agree with Chatty!
...and you know what's neat?
You and Sherry know it and value it - before it's too late.

Mevely317 said...

Me, again. This just reminded me of something I saw on yesterday's (CNN) homepage about a lovely young wife and mother who most probably won't live to see her daughter's first birthday. At 10 weeks pregnant they discovered she had cancer but she wouldn't risk the baby's life to agree to chemo. And here, I was earlier beating myself up because neither my nose or my waist had magically shrunk overnight.
Thanks for helping reinforce what really counts.


Crazy, rich or poor... relatives are part of the mix. When you have family, you have everything.

betty said...

The love of a family is worth anything else, you all are very blessed!


Paula said...

I noticed those shoes too. I had a girlfriend whose Dad was on one of these flat bed rail repair cars but it was big enough to hold several men. I always wished I could ride on one of those.

shirl72 said...
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shirl72 said...

I had to remove my comment I made to many typo's. I live in a nice home
plenty clothes, shoes, food
and enough money I am blessed.

You and Sherry are my only family
and I am thankful. Sometime I sing Kermit's song, "It any easy being Green".

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm thankful for lots that I do have in life. I've learned that it is always better to be content with what we have. It is true though that some times you just have to be thankful for the things you don't have. Thankfully I don't have any things that need fixing today. I don't have any bad illnesses either. I don't have have a lot but I'm rich in family. Like you are.

Anonymous said...

Ol' «Louis» heard a rumor that your paintings will be displayed at the MOMA in Noo Yawk City! :-)

He knows that rumor is true because he started it himself! :-)