Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I am a ‘counter’ becoming a good WAITer

When we used to travel as a child mama kept Shirl and I busy counting. Mostly counting cows. when we passed a grave yard mama said we had to bury them and start from zero again. That might have started it, I do not know.


At times I am also a ‘waiter’, When I was young I was not a good ‘waiter’, I couldn’t wait well for Christmas. I didn’t wait well for church to be over so I could go play.  Now that I am old, I wait pretty well.  I see a lot of old men who wait well for their wives in the beauty shop and shopping.


A few days ago Sherry was ‘applying for  new glasses’, so I was waiting. I have worn glasses. I despise trying to get the  right prescription while looking thru those magnified pieces of glass, and being asked ‘is this better?’.. Is this better than that?…  so fast that I really did not know which was the best.  But as is said, I digress…


Waiting in the office I start counting There are 8 panels of glass frames, each panel is 6 pairs wide and 13 pairs high. So totaled on the wall it self was 624 DIFFERENT styles of frames. When I picked frames, I went to the cheap rack and took one, they are just frames to hold lenses, for heaven’s sake.


(Yeah Jack is Cheap, not as cheap as Jimmy but cheap)

But in this store there were NO CHEAP frames. They started with frames called: GAllery and Fundamentals, $72.37 (I thought the 37¢ was a good touch). Of course the writing was fancy. So I walked around the room to see what the top price was, WHOA,…… $575.00, Oh, but they were Gucci or something like that, I felt better (NOT) There was a cute pair by ‘Vera Bradley’ they had a small diamond inset in the left lens for only $180.00. (I know these figures and names because I surreptitiously made notes.)


Fortunately today Sherry is using her old frames, dat is good.


Okay, so this is the Villages, folks are supposed to have a lot of money, but wait there was a nice rack of 78 pairs of sunglasses. Cheapest pair (not prescription) $68.00 Top price won out at $478.00.  Do people pay that for sunglasses? I once paid $12 for a pair of aviation glasses and I felt ripped off. When I buy sunglasses today I pay $2-$4.  Yeah I’m one cheap dude.


Anyway Sherry gets new lens’ and they go in her old frames.

Nite Shipslog


I will not suggest the frames for Sherry, what ever she would get is fine with me. I speak in this BLOG for me, cause I am cheap.



Another BIG TIRE CAR. Notice he has a little roof for rain. I still cannot figure how he could steer this beast.


Unknown said...

Smart phones, tablets, and laptops have changed the "waiting game" considerably. Some ladies crochet while they wait or read a book. Sometimes I try to read, but mostly I like to people watch when I have to wait.

shirl72 said...

Glad Sherry choose her old frames
that was smart. Remember I worked
for 2 optometrist. I know there
is a big mark up in glasses. The
frames are marked up from the dealer
and then marked up by the Dr. so
Sherry made the right choice.

betty said...

Ridiculous the price of glass frames!! I think Sherry was wise to get new lenses to go in her "old" frames, especially if the frames were still functional! I love the cow counting game; but have to suggest that to my niece when they take long car rides with the kids :)


Paula said...

We buy our sunglasses at Dollar Tree. They work good and when they break you don't cry. I do have an expensive prescription pair too. I like my sunglasses to match my clothes. How's that for an old country girl?


I bought cheap sunglasses too until I had to wear prescription ones. prices for glasses are outrageous for sure.

Mevely317 said...

I don't get it!
Just yesterday my boss and her DOS were discussing the virtues of some fancy-schmancy designer frames, even down to the best lens cleaner (comes with it's own monogrammed wipe cloth).

Sure, there's probably 'junk' out there, but seriously, does a $500+ pair of glasses make someone anymore attractive than the next Joe or Jane?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad Sherry could use the old frames. She probably feels comfortable in them. I have my old frames and love them however one of the arms is superglued on. It cost around 40.00 just for a new arm. I had it replaced once but refuse to do it again as long as the glue holds. I'm cheap too. I'm late as always commenting but I see another post from you so I'll go read that one too.

Rose said...

I agree with Bonnie, the wait game has become less annoying if you have an electronic device to keep your mind occupied.