Tuesday, January 20, 2015

“Honey, I think I am Pregnant”

Just out of the USMC looking for a job in 1957 when you couldn’t buy one. I had waited in line with friends to apply for jobs when the line was two blocks long. 70+days of job hunting. We were living with my parents, and one night she says, “Honey, I think I am Pregnant.”
scanoldpic7 024
This baby was going to have a baby!
Of course my first question was, “How did that happen?” I was 18, should have known better.AAAAAAA She explained the birds and bees and said, “Mama warned me it could happen when you returned from a cruise, separations do that.”
I finally landed a job with the Charlotte Observer, $1 an hour no medical benefits. I lasted a week, we needed some security, So I enlisted again. This time in the USAF and was sent to Biloxi, Miss.  I wasn’t very observant, my wife fell into a depression. Pregnant and hundreds of miles from her mama. But we survived, she is a tough chick. Plus her mama came down for the last few weeks. I had a sweet mother in law, the best.
Scanoldphoto3 062
As she got bigger the questions come up, boy or girl? I know some of you remember this. Lots of old wives tales:
1..If she carries it high,  it will be a girl, Low it will be a boy.
2..Dry hands and cold feet are signs of a boy.
3..Tie your wedding band to a piece of string, and hang it over your belly. If it swings in a circle =  boy; back and forth = girl.
4..According to some, sweets means you’re going to have a little girl. Salty and sour   cravings indicate a boy. (that one was a lie)
 Scanoldpic9 070  (Mama Susie and her baby girl, Biloxi, Miss.)
There were also tales Sherry had heard when it came close to time for LABOR.
1. Castor oil will rush the time along.AAA(honest)
2. A long drive down a rough road, will do the trick.
3. Walking and Nipple stimulation (good one, the boy in me sorta liked that one!)
We tried them all, nothing rushed Jack Jr. out of his comfort zone and Sherry’s uncomfortable zone.
Of course the Macho man KNEW it would be a boy. (pretty good bet since my brothers and sisters all had boys and there were more boys than girls in Sherry” family (or close).Scanoldpic9 035
(Jackie was lucky he survived this proud dad, and I am glad he survived despite my ignorance)
I thought of this because our Grands Jennifer/Stephen are nearing the time for their Son Jude to make his appearance. Jenn is a nurse, knows much more than we did. Folks can know the things we had to guess at. That is nice.
We are looking forward to the birth of the Great Grandson. We know Stephen and especially Jennifer are ready, we are not THAT old.   AAAAA 
Thanks for stopping by the Log. Life is good!
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PS: Stephen and Jennifer will make great parents.
I betcha this WAS one cold ride.


jack69 said...

Strange this, that little boy Jack Jr. just called. He had made a run to DAytona, and since he is in the area will drop by for a visit. He is on his way. SWEET! Both sons visit within a few days of each other.

Chatty Crone said...

Have fun with Jack. What a sweet story. And good luck to Jennifer and Stephen!

betty said...

How exciting waiting for Jude to make his appearance! I'm sure he will be welcomed and loved by all in your family!



The new baby will be a sweet addition to your family and will create more stories to write about.

shirl72 said...

Oh my goodness family getting bigger. No one can get any better
that JJ. He is a find boy and
a genius. I guess I should say man
but I remember him as a little boy.
Dad loved that child. I remember
Dad letting him sit on his lap
on the rostrum before he delivered
his sermon. All boys we need girls.

Paula said...

It was hard to read your post on my I-Pad. Internet out due to an eighteen wheeler hitting some wires in the area.

Mevely317 said...

I remember hearing those 'old wives tales'! I was given anti-nausea medication, pink on one side, blue on the other ... seriously! Of course, I always made sure my 'preferred' side went tongue-up with each swallow.
Love today's modern technology, don't you?!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Times have changed for sure. We used to wait anxiously to see it it would be a girl or a boy. Now you know your newest great grandchild is a boy and even know his name too. Its wonderful that you got a visit from your sons.