Friday, January 9, 2015

Here I sit…. (all broken hearted)

Most of the readers here are lady types, so you girls have not sat in a men’s public toilet and read the writing on  the walls as you complete your business. There are a lot of aspiring poets hidden in men.  Most should stay hidden, BTW.

1929-Ford-Model-A-Roadster-Shop-1 Bathroom_Walla enhanced-buzz-23964-1366273883-6aaa 

Somehow I think the quality of men has changed (for the better), I don’t see that anymore. Then maybe I am going in higher-class toilets.

Writing on toilet walls

Anyway I sit here trying to decide what to bore you with. I have some good friends who are democrats, also some good friends who are Republicans. Now that the Republicans have a majority, many are still not satisfied.  I think of Charlie Brown when Lucy said, “Charlie Brown, you can turn a wonderful season (situation)  into a problem!”  I am a pretty conservative person. I hope this new group of politicians understand “YOU CANNOT SPEND WHAT YOU DO NOT HAVE, NO MATTER  HOW NOBLE THE CAUSE.”

I got that note off my chest. (smile) I don’t have smiley’s anymore with this new live writer. Neither do I have Solitaire, FreeCell or spider solitaire, I enjoyed those games while I was waiting for my slow system. I honestly spent ten hours, two chat sessions, while fighting pop-ups,  trying to get into MS store to get the games. NO LUCK YET!

Scanoldphoto3 018 - Copy

I am Green and Dal is red, proud Marines graduating Parris Island.

Today Sherry and I will spend some time with Marion and Dallas Fletcher. Dallas is the only living friend I have from my hitch in the Corps. He and Marion married about the time Sherry and I did and we lived in the same trailer park. That was in 1956 we have stayed in contact, they are good folk from Pennsylvania. They are down for a week or so for the Florida sun and this has been the coldest time we have had in a long time. BUT maybe the SUN will shine and they will at least escape some REAL cold in PA.


It is amazing how old Dallas is and Marion is still the same.(BIG SMILE)


We will have a low of 45 tonight and if they were in York Springs, it would be 6.  So at least they will get some reprieve.

Enjoy your day, we are going to enjoy ours. Life is good.

Nite Shipslog


I believe Marion was 16, Dal 18. Sherry and I about the same when we married. But Marion is the kid in the foursome. (and still looks it too)



Another early Amphibious car.


Chatty Crone said...

Jack for a man you seem unusual - but wonderful. Nice the way you have kept in touch with all your old friends - a lot of men are not good communicators. Good for you.

Paula said...

I agree with Sandie it is wonderful how you and Sherry have kept up with so many old friends. I have too but I know lots of people who don't.

betty said...

Enjoy your visit with friends! I agree with what Sandie and Paula said, it is neat that you guys stay in touch with your "old" friends :) In high school, I remember even girls would write on bathroom stalls; always fun to read, LOL :)



Believe it or not I have seen plenty of graffiti in women's rest rooms too. Some of it is just awful. Have fun with your friends.

Paula said...

Can't fine your e-mail address anywhere. Would you e-mail me so I can ask you a question. received Mary Ann today and at a good time as the weather is not fit for anything but computering and reading.

Rick Watson said...

I have Army buddies I still stay in touch with too.
I've visited them and they've visited me.

A lot of good things that's happened in my life were because of the Army.

I've also read some very funny things on restroom walls.

shirl72 said...

I have one friend left from early
years, other have already passed
through this life. Remember Greta
that was in the 50's. I have some
new friends..Glad your old friends
are there and paying you a visit.

We are having real cold weather,
but thank goodness we have good
heat and are cars are heated.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are some warmer than we are for sure, but still that is pretty chilly for you all. I'm looking at the sun rising and the sky has a red glow. We are supposed to have more snow coming our way, hopefully not a lot. Glad you have a chance to visit with your good friends and do hope they get some warmer weather before they have to head back north.