Friday, January 23, 2015

Fix it…..

We are a world with a ‘throw away mentality’. Remember when in most homes, stuff lasted forever?  If a boy wore out a collar, mama quickly pulled the stitches and reversed it. The same with cuffs. If mama couldn’t do it Aunt Ruby or someone could. Shoes were resoled until the tops were worn out.

                                 Well I was born to fix stuff!


I am a throw back. I hate to see something thrown away that can be repaired.  RV’ers are resourceful, they know someone may use what they do not want. So at the dumpster they leave something that is broke and they cannot fix sitting outside the dumpster. Two days ago I took the trash to the dumpster and came back with another little ceramic heater.


I enjoy tinkering, All this one needed was a new or repaired power cord.  So now after about 30 minutes of playing, we have a spare electric heater.  To me, THAT IS ENJOYMENT. Now we have an electric heater in the rear of the motor home I found last year at the same dumpster and one awaiting use in the basement.


Mark came over for my Birthday and mentioned he needed a little heater.  So now it is being used over in Palm Bay.

On a trip tonight to the dumpster, I found another electrical appliance. Tomorrow’s fun.


Worn out socks make the ideal thing to clean and shine out tile floors here in the RV.  I am definitely a rag collector as I have mentioned before.


Thanks for stopping by the log nice to have you.

Nite Shipslog


Animals are the real recyclers. Nests use many things as you find out finding them. Sister Kat always cut her hubby’s hair, the hair was always placed at the edge of the woods for birds and their nests.


Again, more unusual vehicles:


That looks like the forerunner of the three wheel motor cycles today with two front wheels. (Or the Morgan car).


betty said...

Great you could make use of another person's discards, Jack, and then pass that on also to your son with the heater! Resourceful I do say!


Paula said...

I put things out by the garbage and a man comes by ahead of the truck and has picked up everything I put out. I know he is a
"fixer". When Mel was alive I would have never never put these things out because he was a "fixer". It is so great when a man and sometime a woman can "fix".

Jean said...

A few years ago we had large 32 inch TV that quit working it looked almost like a new one, but you can now buy one for less than you can have one fixed. A man and his wife that was there ask could he have it. Sure we were throwing it away. He said he like to fix things. I hope he got it fixed and maybe still using it. We have a 37 inch that we bought almost at the same time. Works great even though the grandkids don't like it, ha. They were made before the wide slim kind. We do have one like that to.

shirl72 said...

You are right Brother you can fix
anything. When you get home I have
a floor lamp that was Kat's and
you will have to fix it. You
have got to turn it just right to
get it to come on.

I opened the door in the Living room that goes to the deck it was get it closed I got a
screw driver and put it under and
lifted it up just a fraction and
it shut like a new one. You may
want to look at it but it is never
used, that probably the problem.. I am trying to think of some more things I can get you to do..

Mevely317 said...

You're so fortunate to have that God-given talent!
Now, I've not a lot of discretionary dollars left at month's-end, but can't fathom ever coming up with the patience and stick-to-it-ness required.


My husband is exactly the same way. Never likes to throw anything away. It can always be fixed or reworked into another practical use. Your heater was a great find.

Rick Watson said...

I fix things too. I have a shed full of projects that I tackle in summer.
It really is interesting what people toss.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are fortunate to be able to fix things and make them like new. I don't know how to fix much of anything, but do like duct tape and super glue. It's always a joy to have something someone else can use too...I keep trying to give away as much as I can. Every now and then I too have something someone else can use. They do say one mans trash is another man's treasure.

'56 Packard Man said...

hee hee ... That car also could have been the prototype for the Nautilus in the 1954 Disney production of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" ... :-)