Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I remember  opening my first saving account and I was in the 7th grade. I got the total up to $22 over a period of 2 years. Then I bought a white sports coat.  That was a big song in the 50’s. “A white Sports coat and a pink Carnation, I’m all dressed up for the dance.  etc.


I wonder why mom or dad didn’t have to sign something. For one of the grandsons we helped him get an account and we had to be on the account until he was 18. I guess the rules change.

Until the last few years when we started doing business with a new bank, we met the president of the bank who welcomed us in.  Now everything is so informal and casual. I don’t mind, really.


Why I decided to do blog on banking is the ATM. The first person I ever knew of using one was my buddy Von Dale. I didn’t know you could get money after banking hours. But he did.

Now of course I do that. Most everything we have coming in goes directly to the bank. And we withdraw as we need it at the ATM.


Up until a few weeks ago when I had the infrequent check I deposited it at the drive thru, or put it in an envelope ad fed it to the ATM. NOW, Son Jack says, “Dad, you no longer need the envelope, just punch deposit and feed the checks in. if more than one it will show it to you on the screen and tell you how much it is. Now that is amazing. Soon they won’t even need tellers.

I am writing this, and you are probably saying, ‘well Jack will soon be in this century., everyone else has known this forever.’


Anyway since I am essentially deaf, I sorta like this banking type.  Now all I need is a BUNCH of checks to deposit.  Go ahead e-mail me a few. AAA


Honestly, this technical world amazes me.  When I understand it, I like it. Now when I don’t……………

……………….  I tend to want to say bad words.

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Do you prefer to walk into a bank or  use and talk to the ATM. (I embarrass my girl talking to the machine. I feel sorry for that little person inside that machine), I often wonder if they have a toilet?


The Toyota Corolla is the 2nd most popular car in the WORLD


Do you remember when anything made in Japan was junk?  Not any more.



I love ATM's. They are so convenient. As for talking to it, I never do because I hear they are equipped with a microphone. Hope you watch what you say.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I no longer use the ATM. I do prefer to walk in to the bank and see an actual person. Not long ago we had people in our area stealing atm codes and taking out peoples money. Scary but true.

shirl72 said...

I always go inside or go by drive-thru...The news said crooks were putting a camera device inside the machine and get numbers and have cleaned out several people's bank accounts. What will the crooks think of next...anything for free and not work..

Rose said...

I never use the ATM. I just don't like it. I do, however, use the drive thru with a person there to make the banking transactions.

I just don't trust the scams going on with the ATM machines.


betty said...

We have actually been in the bank more these days since we moved since we were getting a home improvement loan for the other house. I do prefer to do everything by ATM or direct deposit or internet banking. I would imagine soon tellers will be a thing of the past too, sadly.


Jean said...

I never use the ATM I'm kind of like Shirl they might be a camera inside to still my money. I only go once a month so I go through the drive thru. Still wet down here in Opp, take care. Jean

Paula said...

I opened my first savings account after I finished school and Mel went overseas. He was sending me some money. I guess to see if I was going to be a dependable wife. lol when he came home it was all there. I never use ATM machines.

Mevely317 said...

When I’ve time, I still enjoy face-to-face time with a teller. We’re pretty fortunate to have some nice, personable folks working to help us out at Goodyear’s JPMorganChase.
Once last November I sort of forgot Tom was waiting in the car, and got into a ‘spirited debate’ with the branch manager about the upcoming Iron Bowl! :)

Now Tom and I’ve both got direct deposit …. but I’d be a little reluctant to stick an important piece of paper in that little slot and trust the machine not to mangle it!

PS – You cracked me up with your aside about the little person inside the ATM having his own potty!