Tuesday, April 28, 2015



Every year I tend to say, this is the hottest I remember, or coldest I remember. Now this year it is the wettest or wildest. Friend Bonnie of Organic Discourse was hit by a terrible hail storm a week or so ago. Breaking windshields, beating the house siding to shreds and ruining the roof. Golf ball size hail.


Now friend Pauline ( paulinescountrytales )   down Texas way, reports of a near miss by tornados.  The news said some place in Texas reported ‘SOFTBALL’  size hail.  I know Texas must do things bigger, but HAIL?  WOW.


All winter we had rain and mud in Florida.  Coming home and North Carolina has had rain. Floods in the Mts and in some major cities.

One thing we have now that was not available years ago is the internet (Instant news) and Satellite coverage by photos and real time.


I must admit, I fuss at the weather man a lot, but in reality they are pretty much right in their predictions.  I still trust the forecast, and they are really pretty good.  I just get upset when it isn’t what I want.


There is a lot of talk about the weather world wide. I am a believer that man is too small to affect the Global changes in the weather. I still think we should be prudent and conserve and not pollute.  I do like wind and solar electricity, and think we should use those as much as possible.  I smiled at the term ‘Wind Farm’ when we first saw the wind turbines as we traveled out west.  I sorta liked that. I read where one of those big dudes could carry 1450 houses, that was amazing to me.


Just some passing thoughts.  

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Probably a good thing we cannot change the weather to suit us all the time.



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Paula said...

My Daddy was so afraid of storms that he would march us all across the street to the basement of the Methodist church. I don't know what made him so afraid and my Mama was from Oklahoma and use to bad weather but she didn't seem to be afraid.

betty said...

I agree we can't really affect the climate; I think it is cyclical and records have not always been kept for the extremes that we could be experiencing. It is interesting that one place gets so much moisture and another place like California is struggling for any type of moisture. I have to agree too the weather man does get his share of complaints when we don't like the weather he predicts it to be. A thankless job I think.


shirl72 said...

Is that building that your lean 2?

We have the most different weather
we have had in awhile. Rain one day
next day sun, next day cold. I hope
it soon settles to Summer. You
never know what to wear..light or
heavy clothes.

Mevely317 said...

I don’t know if it’s on account I’m getting older – or, the weather gods have become bipolar. Just this year, there’ve been some zingers for sure. Earthquakes in Dallas?!?

Now I’ve experienced – and survived – both hurricanes and an earthquake….. but the mere thought of a tornado seriously scares me. Son in Alabama says (that) after a while you just learn to live with it - and not become obsessed with what might happen.


You can not fight Mother Nature. Got to take the good with the bad. Too much rain and cooler temps this spring, you are right.

Rick Watson said...

We are all at the mercy of Mother Nature in some way or the other.
Thank goodness we haven't seen a volcano or locusts here yet:)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The weather will be whether we like it or not. We've had below normal temps here so far this year. Hopefully we'll see some warmer days in May. But thankfully it isn't snowing any more. They say no matter what the weather make your own sunshine ! I keep trying !