Monday, April 20, 2015

Remember, there isn’t much privacy ANYMORE


I mentioned the woman sounding off and the words were recorded for all to see. She may have assumed she was off camera, I don’t know.


Too many politicians and high profile folk have gone down in flames (by their words and actions) when they did not know someone was recording the act or deed.


My sweetheart’s favorite perfume is Chanel no. 5. I love the scent, when she wears it. She uses very little of it and it lasts for years it seems.


I knew there were expensive perfumes, and Chanel #5 was an expensive one when it was born and even when I purchased the first 1/2 oz.  It remained so for many years.  They still do not give it away.AAAAAAA

Her perfume is just beside my Old Spice After shave and I usually keep up with the amount.  I slacked off, and a few days ago she gave a subtle hint, “Honey if you are planning do something special for me, just a hint, I am low on Chanel #5.”


I’m pretty slick, I said thanks for the heads up and went on like nothing important had been said, hey, I’m cool, and within an hour it was ordered. (I love this net). She will not see it on the Credit Card because I use only one on the net and it is thru the credit union. She does not monitor it, although she can if she wants to, the account is in both names.

So here I am, Mr. Slick, knowing soon Imma surprise her and get some serious sugar.

Then yesterday, she is looking at her smarter than me phone, “OH HONEY,” SAYS SHE , “YOU ORDERED ME SOME CHANEL #5!”


BUSTED    @!!!!&$^%&^%##^%&*!!!!

How did her phone know that? Somehow, I got to get slicker! There must be a cute button that says ‘Don’t show on HER phone’.

Thanks for coming this way.

Nite Shipslog


Now I know how them Politicians feel that gets busted for sexting, shucks!




This must be a late 1950’s Dodge, but the grill doesn’t look right to me. This was a member of the car family called the ‘Forward Look’.


betty said...

At least you tried, Jack :) Her smart phone must be tied to the account somehow? It is so true though there is no privacy these days, especially on the Internet :)


shirl72 said...

That is right I think privacy is
something of the past. To many
smart things around that has our
information. Would not know how
to operate a smart phone if I had one. Now she will smell good gain.

That is a 59 Dodge but the grill
does look difference. Looks like
2 extra lights added to front that stick out. It was the model I drove 10 years. Mine was white with black fins.

Cindi said...

made me giggle. Cute story. Well, at least you were able to enjoy your "slickness" for a bit.

Rose said...

The most important thing was your sweetheart will receive her favorite perfume! Cute story.

I wish I had a Smart Phone, I can't afford the monthly bill for the data!

It's been a scorcher here in S. Florida.

Hugs to my favorite couple.

Unknown said...

I felt pretty slick... ...once (um, at least once). No, for me, it usually doesn't last long either.
But, Jack, you are WAY better off to be busted for buying your sweetheart perfume that what some of those other guys you mentioned were busted for. Who knows--some of those jokers may not feel any more guilty than if they had bought their wife a bottle of perfume!
No, privacy is gone. I saw a news headline about folks hacking into your stuff using your smart appliances like refrigerator, washer.
In some ways, I'm glad videos are catching criminals. On the other hand, it's tough to make a bad judgment (not a criminal action, just something tacky or embarrassing) and have it immortalized on the internet.
Don't worry, Sherry will love you just as much even though she already knows she is getting the perfume.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Ah, Channel does smell good. I have a sister that wears it and she says the same- a bottle lasts a long time. It's so true that there is little privacy anymore. But in this case I think you are forgiven.

Paula said...

So nice Sherry is getting something she likes and you like for her to wear it.

Glenda said...


Mevely317 said...

What a cute, cute story! See, now Sherry has something to look forward to in the mail!

Overall, I think all this transparency is a good thing. I like to suppose it helps keep those with dubious morals on their toes. Now, my Tom would argue and cry, "Big Brother!" - but I'm all the time telling him, "If you don't have anything to hide, why should you care?" (I know, I know. This from a perspective of a kid raised in a government town.)


Looks like the computer can't keep a secret what with smart phones nearby. what a sweet story. Glad she got her Chanel and that you were the nice man her got it for her.

Rick Watson said...

That is nice perfume. Jilda has worn that before. he mother loved Evening in Paris.
Too bad you got busted before the surprise arrived:)