Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter is a joyous time, but life continues, even the sad portions.

There are families who put their loved ones in the ground on the same day the world is celebrating the Resurrection.

Last night the knock on the door and some sad grand kids came in, Sir Logan was found unresponsive when they returned from dinner. Sir Logan, a beautiful Airedale, a family member for 13 years is gone to a place of good dogs. He was a very good family pet, a gentle giant. I always liked the name Sir Logan.scan2001-05 132

Sir Logan was welcome anyplace in the home. This is Matt with Logan.

scan2001-05 133 

Mark, Logan, Luke and Sherece (above)

Below Sir Logan visiting our old motor home Corinne is petting Sir Logan. Logan was her dog.


Again, Matthew, Sir Logan and Sir Luke!


I  text’d Mark, the kids had already told him. Of course he said I wish I was there.

I said Old Logan was a big one. and He returned the text, yeah big enough to get the BoJangles Chicken off the Counter.. HA!

I petted Logan a day or so ago when I was out looking at the new Floor Mark had put down the last time he was up. Logan couldn’t get down the one step to the den area. he just leaned that giant head again me as I petted and talked to him about it not being fun to get old sometimes.

Now it is over for Sir Logan, but strange how forever he will be alive in the hearts of Corinne, Mark, Matthew, Sherece and Luke.  Thirteen years is a big hunk of life for a dog to own.  We will all miss him. He was out first Grand Dog methinks.

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I could not find my favorite picture of Sir Logan. One with him and Luke in bed.

PS2: I assume tomorrow will be the burial time. They were trying to pick a spot.  I don’t think it has been decided yet.



1959 Chevy Apache truck.


betty said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about Sir Logan. He looked like such a nice dog. I know lots of people are missing him tonight, including you and Sherry. They become so much part of our family and then they are gone way too soon. I know he'll always be wonderfully remembered.


Mevely317 said...

What a heartbreak!

I'm thinking how condolences can feel so inadequate, and there's not a darn thing anyone can do but hang tightly onto one another.

May his memory be a blessing.

Paula said...

So sorry to read about Sir Logan. Words seem to be useless at a time like this.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Such a well loved and beautiful dog. I'm sure you all will miss him so.


I'm sure Easter will not be the same without him. May Sir Logan rest in peace. It is so sad to lose a faithful companion who gives unconditional love. May the memories get you through this difficult time.

Back Porch Writer said...

So sorry about Sir Logan. He was a family member for sure and our fur babies are just so special. They are the bright spot in our day and hold not judgment against us! I know he will be missed and the family will be sad. Happy Easter to all! The Good News is that we have eternal life available to us and I think that since God loves dogs since he made them our best friend, that maybe we'll have some in heaven one day.

Chatty Crone said...

I have been a bad blog friend - but I am still checking you out -
Have a very blessed Easter. Sandie

Jean said...

Sorry to hear about Sir Logan, I know he liveed a great life there with some great people and will be missed. In dog life he lived to and old age, but I don't think they show there age like people do. It has been another pretty day here today, but Grover wouldn't let me hide him any eggs. Take care. Jean

Rick Watson said...

I'm sorry to hear about Sir Logan. We know first hand how those furry critters can wiggle their way into your heart.

We've been blessed with some great dogs in our lives.