Wednesday, April 1, 2015

(Toweling off) It has finally happened

I have always been a little guy (5’8”) max, but I tried to be fit. I have been able to hold my own physically. I never enjoyed it but I have bathed in cold water, even took a few cold showers. Went a couple days without eating, and walked (and marched) many miles. I have went a few days without a bath and could still eat with my fingers when necessary.


Shucks I have fried eggs on flat rocks over a fire, roasted a few squirrels and rabbits.  To prove I was tough as a kid I cooked some grass and seasoned it with fat back, thinking greens would be greens (not so, don’t try it). I did eat some to prove I was tough.


Still I was a skinny runt who thought he was tough. I coulda took a bath with lye soap  and dried off with a toe sack (is that still a good word?).

In the military I never paid more than $.50 or a $1 for a towel, it was only a tool to use to dry off after a shower.


Sherry and I share the chores around the motor home. I do the manly stuff like Hooking up the sewer lines (ha!). She knows how to operate the little washer/dryer combo, and keeps the clothes washed and folded. If I wash clothes that have towels wash rags etc. I fold and stack them in place (on top). MY GIRL PUTS THE LATEST WASHED ON THE BOTTOM OF THE STACK, so they will all get used. She also buys the towels and wash rags now.


AS I said I am a real macho guy(ha), BUT, but a few days ago I got out of the shower reached for my old blue towel and found a white one.  Not good for me, there are times I miss my neck or the back of my arms washing. So I pulled it down and carefully dried off. Something was different. This was a SOFT THICK towel, I hated to admit it, but this sissy towel sure felt good. But I ain’t telling Sherry. I am gonna try to act like I want my old thin DARK blue towel back, but I am hoping she insists that it is time an old man washed better and enjoyed a soft towel


Nite Shipslog


All Y’all probably got soft towels already. But I cannot admit I am that sissy (well maybe you can be sissy at 76)





Surfs up, requires toweling off.


betty said...

Loved the pictures! Sometimes would see a few of these in the San Diego area by the beach :)

I like Sherry's organization to put the clean ones on the bottom of the pile so all get used equally; I tend to just quickly put away towels :)

I think its okay to like a soft towel now and then :)


Rose said...

A soft towel feels good after a shower.

I know, I saved some of my older towels in case I need them for rags and I grabbed one by mistake one morning and it felt so rough on my skin.

I say, enjoy the soft towels! LOL


Sounds like you found the perfect towel. Good for Sherry replacing your old one.

Paula said...

You should see our towels. No you shouldn't. I keep a couple of new ones to put our when my daughter come because they are high society compared to me and John. Oh and I still call them wash rags too. I find a lot of people call them wash cloths now days. lol

shirl72 said...

Those cars looks like college
spring break..I try to stay organize
but it is not easy..I just use
which towel shows up next...No matter which towel you are using
it bad to get out of the Shower and
not get the towel down.

Mevely317 said...

See how little things mean lots and lots? Love how Sherry shows her love in less-than-obvious ways. :)
Could be there's something wrong with me, but I prefer my towels a bit on the rough n' nubby side.

These pictures are a panic!

Woody said...

Nice pictures of all the Woody's, always wanted to own one but never got around to getting my "Woody" !! Glad you 2 are doing great, take care !!
Gary an Anna Mae

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know from having 6 sons that guys do like to prove they are tough. But I think you all appreciate some of the finer things in life like a good meal, clean sheets and yes, even soft towels. Your Sherry is a wise and wonderful gal for sure.

Lisa said...

Oh dear. The towel! My husband has 3 favorite towels out of my 50! I have to keep them washed for him. He also has his favorite washcloths which are shreds! I cant even sneak one in the trash.

Unknown said...

I don't like a towel that's so big and thick it takes up a lot of space in the washer and takes a lot of time to dry on the line. I like a good quality, though, that will not prematurely shed its loops.