Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Descriptive phrases or Words



Do you use the term ‘Telephone Pole’?  I saw the note someone taped to a pole and had to laugh.  I know we use the term down south because the phone lines were hung long before power lines.  Now when possible they run phone lines under ground, Now they are mostly Power Poles but only a few folks I know use that term.

Over yonder: We use that to give directions down south.  Sometimes it is ‘Way over Yonder’.

Cut across: Take a short route or make a path.

Up chuck: To throw up, but where did it come from?  Beats me, but I have done it a few times. Until my girl got pregnant, she had never thrown up. She did not take kindly to my smile when she learned how it felt.

Carburetor: The thingy on top of the engine in OLD cars. At times to start your car you needed to pour a little gas in it or shoot some starter fluid in. (Hard to do on the new fangled fuel injection things.)


Crank the car, some of us folk still crank a car, I noticed Rick over in mid Alabama, still cranks his truck, do you crank your car?


I remember my uncle in South Carolina had a tractor that he still cranked.

Emergency brakes: I still say that but now parking brakes,

Do you use any terms that date you?

Nite Shipslog


  • I still say Ice box sometimes.



The Hansa, a German car:

goliath-hansa-06 hansa hansa_18_07 hansa-1700-six-cabriolet-07

I like the old ones…


betty said...

I am kind of glad they put the power poles and telephone wires underground these days; makes it look less cluttered :) I'm trying to think if I use any terms that date me, but none come to mind right now, probably too early in the morning for my mind to be working :)


Paula said...

I use so many terms that date me I can't think of them all.

Sheila Y said...

Yes I still crank our vehicles. We had telephone poles and light poles, but neither in this neighborhood. Hope your day is going well. I am playing blog catch up again. Take care, Sheila

Rick Watson said...

Yep, I still use those terms and a lot more that has people who are not natives of the south shaking their heads :)

Mevely317 said...

I don't care what they're SUPPOSED to be called, I still refer to them as telephone poles! :)

Phrases that date me? Doesn't seem that long ago, but as teens we'd lament: "My hair's too clean; I can't do anything with it!"

Say, I hope you can help me out with this one: As a child I vividly recall my parents' Ford having LITTLE side wing windows that opened and closed separate from the regular window panes. Dad might ask mother to 'please open your cowl.' (to let her cigarette smoke escape). But I've not heard that term since. No matches on Google. Maybe it wasn't 'cowl' that I remember hearing?


a telephone pole is still a telephone pole. Words are indeed interesting, aren't they?

shirl72 said...

I drive a Honda and the dealer
gave me a set of keys so I don't
have to crank it. What I remember
about telephone poles is people
running into them and they lay
on the ground cut in half.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think I've used all those terms and I'm not a southern gal. We still have telephone poles here although there are some neighborhoods in our city that do have them underground. I have a telephone line running from it as well as a cable line and an electric line. We have a few squirrels that like to use the lines to run back and forth on too. Fun to watch them.

Lisa said...

I still say Telephone pole. I also say "Spigot" instead of faucet. You connect a "hosepipe to the spigot". Your post are always fun. Have a great week!!!