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Of course I knew it was Easter time, because Dad was a pastor.  I also knew what Easter meant, and why we celebrated the day.  I knew about the resurrection because I was always impressed and amazed at the BIG OLD ROUND stone I had seen in pictures. As a child I wanted to see an angel roll that big dude out of the way.

Christian_Easter_comments easter-lily-Christ-risen

AS important as that is to an adult, I’m sorry, that  took second place to the little preacher’s kid. I cannot remember when I did not love boiled eggs, I could eat a few of them. To me Easter was, THE EASTER EGG HUNT!

There were no plastic or rubber Easter eggs, they were all real chicken eggs. Some times, even double yolk eggs.


I got to watch Stella and her mom dye eggs. Kids are different now, no patience with that silly wire thing. Stella ended up using her hands. I mean eggs had to go in all the dye cups, not just one. Maybe 2-3 secondsAAA in each.


But my memory was the Dye kit, I thought I would never forget that name. (but I have) plus  eggs, little transfer decals, the little wire rack and vinegar was used for something.


Holding the eggs half way in to have a two tone egg. OH, but my favorite was the ‘magic, invisible wax stick. I could hardly wait to see what I had drawn.


At our church back then there was no children’s church so we ‘had to’ sit and endure a sermon, all the time knowing someone was outside hiding ‘thousands of eggs’  okay I guess it was dozen’s of eggs, but I could see thousands.


After church, the Easter Egg Hunt. We ran searching years later someone came up with the golden or special egg, but back then they were all special to me, they were boiled eggs. My only hope was that I did get some that were easy to peel.


I loved ‘DEVILED EGG SANDWICHS’. That seemed odd to me, mama made delicious sandwiches the next week from Easter Eggs, which all of a sudden were part of the Devil’s eggs.


Dressing up Easter was never my thing, but boiled eggs sure were. It was years before I saw a chocolate egg or bunny. But if I had to choose, I would have taken the boiled egg in a second.


Have a great Easter.

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I do pray you all have a blessed Easter, it is the most important celebration for Christians.

To think that somewhere on this earth saying: “I am a Christian” will get you murdered, breaks my heart.

I asked my friend Fred, who lived in Kenya for many years, “Is it dangerous?”

He looked at me seriously and said, “It can be.”

Now we all know.





I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hard boiled eggs are good and since I don't have any kids here to color eggs I boiled up some yesterday and made egg salad for sandwiches. I do remember making it from left over Easter eggs years ago and some of the eggs would have color to them from the dye. We did our family egg hunt last weekend when my family all got together. They were all plastic ones filled with candy for the grandkids. Hope you both have a very Happy and Blessed Easter there !

shirl72 said...

Enjoyed seeing all the Easter
pictures it was like Easter Parade.
I also enjoyed dying eggs and
then egg hunt. I did attend several
Sunrise Service. It was always
cold..and to early. HAPPY EASTER

Jean said...

It looks like rain is headed our way this morning. I did wash the truck and car yesterday. (Smile) You and Sherry have some beautiful great grandchildren, Stella has grown so much. It has been years since I have boiled colored and hunted eggs, I guess I could boil, color and hide them and let Grover hunt. Happy Easter!

Paula said...

A blessed Easter to you and Sherry and your family. Like all the bunny cars.

betty said...

You featured some cute bunny cars here Jack! I guess we shouldn't be surprised Christians are being killed all over the place it seems; Jesus did forewarn us.

How fun to have watched Stella dye eggs :) So much has changed over the years with egg dying. I remember growing up and the water had to be hot for the dye to work and my mom always afraid we would burn ourselves (never did). I still like hard boiled eggs and egg salad sandwiches. Secret to make sure they are easy to peel is to rinse them really well in cold water after they are done cooking :)

Happy Easter Sherry and Jack!



Nothing in the world like a good old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt. We used to put one on every year for our kids as they were growing up. Glad you enjoyed seeing Stella decorate her eggs. HAPPY EASTER to you and Sherry.

Mevely317 said...

Ah, you've touched on some of my own favorite memories. What a ceremony, being allowed to help color the boiled eggs. I can still smell the vinegar! But I'd totally forgotten about the wax stick until you mentioned it! :)
Personally, I was never into the chocolate bunnies and candied eggs ... I wanted the Real Thing!

Watching Stella color her own eggs had to be a panic. Makes one wish they didn't have to grow up so fast, doesn't it?

Rick Watson said...

Yep, Easter was a big deal when I was younger.
We always went to the farm of my mom's sister. My mom came from a large family so at some gatherings
there would be up to 75 of us.
After the hunt,, we'd have deviled egg sandwiches. I loved those.
Fun times.