Sunday, April 12, 2015

The world is survey and Poll ‘crazy’

DID you know?


1. 1 in 4 Americans think God helps decide the outcome of football games

3. 1 in 4 Americans thinks the Sun goes around the Earth (reckon it is the same 1?)

4. 40% of people would Save their Dog over a Foreign Tourist  ………………. ? wow

7. Average Americans think they're smarter than the Average American.

8. More Americans oppose "Obamacare" than "Affordable Care Act," but they are the same

9. Survey found that most Americans don't trust Survey Results. AAA

1291065371-1GuNP_jpg_b - Copy

The answers to the following questions are listed below each with percentages and votes.

10……Would you rather?

· Be able to read minds (35% - 135600 votes)

· Fly (28% - 108630 votes)

· Become a dragon (21% - 81984 votes)

Talk to animals (16% - 61635 votes)

(Me? talk to animals)


11. ….Do you learn with music on?

· Yes, all the time. (31% - 180270 votes)

· Yes, sometimes. (48% - 275664 votes)

‘ NO..

(I voted no, the lowest number, I get distracted)

music-at-work Music-May-Impede-Work-Performance

13….Choose one of these abilities:

· Eating without getting fat (38% - 418959 votes)

· Eidetic memory (22% - 245514 votes)

· Never getting tired (18% - 203817 votes)

Being liked by everyone (21% - 233559 votes)

(I sure like to eat, and hate counting calories! I didn’t want to look up Eidetic, if it meant great THEN… I would have still watched my calories. but be as good as Sherry LOL)

14…Would you want to know what your animal is thinking about you?

· Yes (75% - 395892 votes)

· No (10% - 52536 votes)

I don't have an animal (15% - 81318 votes)

(I picked yes, I don’t have a pet now, but I am thinking in retrospect. ha!)


15….Have you ever searched your name on Google?

· Yes (90% - 1201116 votes)

No (10% - 135933 votes)

(Me? YES, that is how I found a good friend (now) by the same name.)

16…..If you could travel through time where would you go?

· The future (51% - 287016 votes)

The past (49% - 275466 votes)

(I picked the past, I wanted to go west and be a cowboy!)

17….. Which ability would you like to have the most?

· Invisibility (74% - 927816 votes)

· Super speed (26% - 320124 votes)

(ME, hey I wanted to be invisible, when I was a kid, I thought that would be great.)

invisible-man invisible-man-shadows-pol-ubeda-2

18….. Would you like to have the ability to read minds?(Think about it first)

· Yes (79% - 797469 votes)

· No (21% - 209955 votes

(I am a yes on this, especially in foreign ports. I wondered what the locals thought of the American Marine and Sailor, Then if I could read minds, being deaf would be no problem.)

19….. Do you like to sleep in a cold room?

· Yes (69% - 538614 votes)

· No (31% - 237486 votes)

(Me I slept in a lot of cold rooms, I like it warm now!)

Some of this stuff is useless, but I like it. I am a numbers guy. I count a lot.

Thanks for reading this senile minds outpouring.

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You have to be strange to enjoy surveys and polls. (smile)



Ford Focus the most popular car in the world, 2015.,


betty said...

I guess if they didnt' do surveys like this, it would put some people out of work LOL trying to analyze them :)


Mevely317 said...

Silly me ... I love these sorts of surveys. May I share?
#'s 4 and 7? Yes and yes.

I'd love having the power to read minds (presuming I could handle the rejection - ha!) ... and I'd probably kill to be able to eat as I please w/o gaining weight.
Cold rooms, for sure ... if I was wealthy enough to pay Arizona's utility rates that is!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes it does seem there is a survey or poll for everything anymore. I drive a Focus but it's not a 2015. We in the 60's here and it's wonderful. I didn't take a survey but most folks here are happy it's finally warming up !

Paula said...

I love to do surveys and do a lot of them online. Yes I would have liked to know what Susie (cat) thought of me.

shirl72 said...

It might make us sad if we could
read minds. I like to read
surveys. It lets us know when
minds think alike. Sometime it tells
us if a product is good whether to
buy or leave it on the shelf. My mind is turned off.