Sunday, April 12, 2015


I missed Sibling day. Anyway, I was the baby that lived. There was  boy born after me but he died as an infant, never named.

I also had a sister just ahead of me, Ovaline, who died very young.

The Siblings I remember and loved were:

Odis Howard, the eldest of the siblings.

scanoldpic1 030

(above) I am on the left and Odis on the right. His fleet of huge models behind. He was a craftsman. I Love Od, he and I shared a love and appreciation for wood.


(I was so proud of my Sailor brothers in WWII)

Benjamin Franklin Darnell Jr. was next.

 Scanoldphoto3 036 

(Above is Junior and his beautiful wife Mozelle)

Mary Katherine the oldest sister was next.

Scanoldphoto3 086

(Above is Katherine and her Husband Dick Lankford)

Then there was Shirley, whom we now call Shirl.

(Below is Shirl and her Husband Jim, he was a good friend and we miss him)

 New Folder (2) 066 New Folder (2) 051

scanoldpic7 054 scanoldpic7 052

Shirl was just a little older than I. Part of our childhood was in the country, and she was my best friend. She taught me to ride a bicycle at 4 or 5 yrs old

We are the only ones left now. When we are in NC we are only abut a 1/2 mile apart. She is a volunteer . On the Historic Society Board, volunteers at the Belmont Historical House and  now Volunteers at S.O.C.K.S.

We had some fun last Friday during her Volunteer time. I went to the front desk and approached the manager (A lady I had not seen since 1955).

“I hear my insurance lady’s little girl works here, I wondered if I could see talk to her?”

“Her name is?”

“Nancy, her name is Nancy.”

“My name is Nancy.”

“No ma’am, I am sure this Nancy is a little thing, last time I saw her she was blond headed and about three feet tall. Her mama was my insurance agent, her name was Esther.”

“My mother’s name was Esther.”

“You are kidding me, well Nancy I am Jack, your neighbor, you had some wonderful parents, and you were just a sweet kid.”

“She cracked up and put her face down on her desk by that time Shirl was standing by my side.”

Several more of the volunteers were up front because I was talking loud (as normal).

Anyway, I have a sweet Sibling left, and I love her very much. (Even if she ain’t right)   Just joking Shirl!)

scanoldpic2 001

This is Shirl before I met her!

Nite Shipslog


Sherry has two brothers left in her family of 9, Vernon who lives near us here and Johnny who lives in Yspilanti, MI. One of the many southern boys who went north to build the cars.



New Folder (2) 017

This is Jack Jr. Standing beside Shirl’s Dodge. 1959

(This long entry is Rick’s fault, he mentioned Sibling day.)


Rose said...

What loving and beautiful photos you shared.

I have such a large family that I would take up so many pages on the blog to post all their photos!

I lost a lot of siblings along the way. Sad.

Hugs to my favorite couple.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's never to late to remember our siblings. You have some wonderful ones for sure. I was blessed to go out to lunch with my only siblings. My two sisters. They are a blessing to me.

betty said...

You had lots of siblings, Jack! Sorry you lot a lot along the way too! Neat that you are close with Shirl and can see her when you are in the area :)

I have a brother and sister, both older than me :)


Mevely317 said...

Shirley was a really beautiful child wasn't she? Well, BOTH your ladies that is.
I always enjoy looking at your olden photos, Jack. You're so blessed to have enjoyed having siblings.

That prank you pulled on Nancy was great!

shirl72 said...

That was so funny when you came
over and talked to Nancy. You
made her day. I can't believe
you flashed my pictures up on
the screen. When I was little I
could not figure how our two older
brother got into the moon to have
their picture taken. I always loved
that picture. Enjoyed the blog..
very good Brother....

shirl72 said...

PS: My older fix my hair. She said
I had to much and put it up was suppose to be a Hedie Lamar look.

Paula said...

I had never heard of Sibling Day until it was flaunted all over Facebook. I e-mailed my sister to wish her a Happy Sibling Day and she said she had never heard of it either. Our poor brother got left out because he doesn't do computer (his loss) and my older sister is dead. Nice pictures of your siblings.

Rick Watson said...

Sorry I made you do a long post, but it was a good one :)


HAPPY Belated SIBLINGS DAY to you and your sister.