Monday, April 6, 2015

Dogs and other pets

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Animals have a unique association with humans. Some are unwillingly sacrificed for other animals food and that of humans. My taste favors Beef and chicken, but I also really enjoy venison, rabbit and squirrel.  There are places that folks enjoy dogs and cats as meals. In the USA those and horses are not eaten on a large scale.


WE LOVE our dogs and cats, but not to eat. We love them because they love us back. The difference is cats show us affection when THEY want to.

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As a boy I had (the family had) a cat Tom, he was a well know breed, Alley. WE also had a mixed dog, Bingo,  mostly Feist  daddy said. You could call Tom all day and he would not come, then when you didn’t expect the ornery rascal, he was weaving in and out your feet and legs just purring and you  were ‘ALLOWED’ to pet him then he appeared to love you too.

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Bingo, on the other hand was there Johnny on the spot when her name was called. If you were blue or sulking, Bingo would listen and snuggle up to you anytime you wanted her. Boys and girls have known for years that a dog or a cat can calm you, and even cure you, if given a chance. 

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Now scientists have learned what most nine year olds have known forever, animals assist healing. Shirl has cultivated a friend who has a BIG dog. He attends church and sits with his service dog in the back of the church. Of course the dog  never makes a sound but stays by his master’s side.

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I know this is all on my mind because the family buried Logan out in the back yard Sunday afternoon.  I was surprised how alive and peaceful he looked. I was proud of Matt and Luke. They had a big grave to dig, they did it, sometimes crying. Sherece was gone for the weekend, and they waited for her return before the burial.

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We are proud of Mark & Corinne’s family (I just wish they were still together). They are soft hearted. There wasn’t a dry eye out there. I mentioned that Sir Logan had given 13 years of unconditional love, now as MA said in her blog, we need to learn to love unconditionally. If everyone would give 13 years of our lives unconditionally in love what a different life some would have.

Sir Logan

Rest in Peace Sir Logan, you did your part of loving a family.

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Something in Rick’s Blog Life 101 hit me sweet. He was talking about a boy and a dog playing catch in his back yard a couple days ago.

I have been asked my opinion are there animals in heaven, my answer: Of course, and one of them is a black Cocker Spaniel named Ace Darnell, just waiting to play fetch with his childhood friend, me.



WE end today with Rancher John & Cowgirl Paula’s car.


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And Finally, I think I can squeeze in!


betty said...

A fitting burial for a loving companion! He will always be remembered in their hearts and memories!


shirl72 said...

Very good...I have a black cat
staying around I use to feed him
but he is not I am
mad at him and stopped. He is from
up the street a neighbor. There's
several more that live there.
He said he feeds them but I am not
sure..They are not skinny..

Paula said...

I like the way you all had a real burial for your dog friend. I had a burial for a fish when I was young and it was one of the rare times it snowed here. We need to get a bigger car because I'm not letting those two get off without me.

Glenda said...

Condolences to all who loved Sir Logan. May he now rest in peace. Great photos, Jack.

Rick Watson said...

Great post Jack. We've had some great dogs.
Allso, thanks for the shoutout.

Mevely317 said...

What a sweet, sweet tribute!

Ya, there’s no pain that rivals losing a beloved pet.
I don’t normally go around advocating for specific books or authors – except in this case, I’d love you read “A Dog’s Purpose” by W. Bruce Cameron.

I feel so strongly about this book that I’ve purchased several copies and given to friends who’ve lost their furbabies. Told from a dog’s point of view, Cameron poses the question – “What if your dog never really dies?”
It’s wise, it’s hilarious and yes, it will make you cry.



I'm glad you had a great sendoff for Sir Logan. He can now rest in peace.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Dogs do show unconditional love. No matter what they are there when you need them. They are a good model of how we al should be. I do miss the companionship of a dog but no longer have any. It was beautiful that those in the family gathered to say farewell to their beloved Sir Logan.

Vickie Jane said...

Sweet tribute to family pets. Sir Logan RIP.