Friday, April 17, 2015


Most of our lives here at the Darnell motor home has been centered around church.  So on the road many of the people we meet are associated with church.  We meet some good folk and in our opinion, some are a little strange.  But to someone (maybe more) I might be a little strange myself.

THE kiss

In Florida we have had some very good pastors.  Now that we are there for only 5-7 months a year most of the pastors are at RV parks, Enter Dr. Ron Wellner of the CMA (Christian Missionary Alliance) faith methinks. He leads the Christian worship at Three Flags RV resort neat Wildwood.

He and his wife are originally from Chicago but now live in the Charlotte, NC area. I think I understood they live in Indian Trail, NC.

 the right pacifier  

We had lunch with them tonight, they are always a joy to be around. I like smiling folk and Doctor Ron is a smiler.


Anyway, that was our big doing in the rain today was lunch in Pineville with the Wellner’s and Funderburk’s, Don & Evelyn. I think fun was had by all. LOL


Yesterday before the luncheon  I bought a pair of tennis shoes and one pair of cheap knee high boots.  The place we chose to eat was next door to a Mall. Mall’s draw girls! When I go in a store it ain’t to window shop, If I go in looking, I am going to buy, so I bought another pair of tennis shoes.  Sherry also bought a pair so we are good for 2-3 more years.

NIte Shipslog

PS: I am too tired to color the paragraphs or put on pictures.

I am even going to quick ick a car.


A beautiful ‘57 RAmbler wagon, we even had one.



Glad you found some sneakers and a good pair of boots. You are right they should last you a while. It's always nice to visit with friends.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is always nice to get together with friends. I try to do it regularly. New shoes are nice too, and no doubt you did need the boots. Now you can play in the mud all you want.

Elizabeth said...

It is wonderful to get together with good friends! Like the animal pics!

Paula said...

My cousin's husband preached at, I think, Thousand Trails or near there. Don't know if he still does. Wouldn't it be something if you and Sherry had met them?

betty said...

Cute pictures with the dogs and children :) How fun to get together with the friends that you did yesterdy and to buy some things too :) I hope you got a good night's sleep!


Rick Watson said...

We love gathering with our friends. We're having a fish fry tomorrow and we've invited 35 people. We're hoping it doesn't rain.
Take care Jack.

Mevely317 said...

Pastors who smile from their hearts ... good friends ... and comfy shoes. Life at the Darnells sounds sweet this eve!

PS -
I've two pups who are really adept at using their Kryptonite powers. Heck, just talking about it makes me smile!

shirl72 said...
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shirl72 said...
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shirl72 said...

I made to many mistakes to leave
comment. You needed a break and
glad you had a visit with your
friends and had a good meal.
Don't work to hard, we are not
young anymore...We need you to stay