Thursday, April 23, 2015


I realize a son is not company, but I cannot keep up too well anymore.

Son Mark drove in from Florida with a swelled lip, Cellulitis? I think he said. Glenda down in Okee treated and got him doctored –up.  Then he decided to head home and mama. LOL

He is doing well but down in the dumps that his immune system is not the same as the ‘super heroes’, HE CAN GET SICK

Sherry’s computer is acting up doesn’t recognize the earth net connection. and I cannot get it to listen to reason.

Anyway, I am behind and may stay that way for a period

I will read and enjoy your entries.

Nite Shipslog


55 chevy


When I am frustrated, either of these could lift my spirits.



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sorry to hear about your son and Sherry's computer. Seems that there is always something to upset our plans. I'm more behind than ahead here. My own fault though as I'm getting slower at what I do. Hope all is well for you all soon !

betty said...

How cute that Mark came home to see Sherry when he wasn't feeling up to par. A son always needs his mom, no matter what age! Sorry about the computer issues too; hate when that happens!


Paula said...

Feel better everyone and everything. My youngest daughter had something strange with her lips swelling recently and it even went into her throat and scared her. Think they still aren't sure what caused it.


Hope your son gets better soon. Sorry to hear about your internet woes.Hang in there.

Rick Watson said...

Jilda could teach a class on immune system stuff so we both can name that tune in one note.

Computer problems can be a real pain. I take it in stride most of the time because I worked on them in my job for years, but Jilda wants to throw hers.

I love those cars too :)

Rose said...

I've got your son in my prayers for a fast mending.

I have two autoimmune diseases so I know the battle with the immune system is not working like it should.

I'm on Minocycline for my R/A and Scleroderma. It is a very old remedy treatment. There is no cure for either but this surely helps with the brutal pain.

Has you son been tested by a Rheumatologist for autoimmune issues?