Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Christmas Present

Red hair makes  a statement. I don’t know what it is but it cannot help it, Red get’s noticed. There are good stories about red and some not so complimentary.  The same goes with other colors, such as Blonde, gets gets its own hits.


Not that red, but it would be noticed.

Lucille Ball had red hair, didn’t she?  Remember Red Buttons? Great folk of comedy.


We also have a beautiful niece Ena, who has beautiful red hair like her mama.  Sherry just read on FB that she and her husband are expecting another child the week before Christmas. When Sherry told me  I said, “Just like you and son-Mark.”

Sherry said, “He was a wonderful Christmas Present.” Mark was born December 14th and of course Sherry was home before Christmas.  Sherry’s mama (Susie) was there to help her baby girl. Sherry’s mama was the best MIL a guy could ever ask for.


Grandma Susie, Jackie and the Christmas present, Mark.

Funny that, because Susie had given birth to   Vernon, Sherry’s older brother on December 23rd. A Christmas present to a working mother. Susie had another daughter (Sherry’s older sister) who had given birth to Brenda on December 14th.

Joan, out in Utah, gave birth to a baby girl, who happened to have red hair like her daddy,  on Christmas day and named her appropriately, CAROL. Now that was a CHRISTMAS PRESENT. She became a daughter in law. Then there was another Christmas present to Mary, who gave birth to Corinne on December 15th (She also became a daughter in law) .


So now I am thinking of Ena and her young husband. They have a beautiful marriage, they are so much in love. Of course I feel that way because they read and studied my book on marriage, “Why Not Forever” before they tied the knot.  We do not see them often, but I have watched as he shared in the role as a caring young dad, with  the responsibilities of their first child.

Yep, lots of good folk born to mothers and dads to make sweet Christmas presents, all bundled up.

What about you and yours, any December births?

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PS: One of the boys on ‘Happy Days' had red hair.



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Paula said...

No December births but Leah, my youngest was born on Mother's Day. My youngest grandson and one of my many nieces was born with red hair.

betty said...

How fun with a new baby soon in the family! My birthday is December 21st, those were the times when new mothers stayed in the hospital for 10 days after they had the baby. My mom convinced the doctor to let her out on Christmas Eve so she could be home with my brother/sister and dad :)

I read somewhere that red heads don't turn gray, definitely an advantage I think.



No December births in our family. How exciting for yours that you have so many, now a new one up and coming too.